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  1. FrozenTime

    All pages with PHP stopped working!

    I had not made any changes since yesterday, and then today, all those pages suddenly stopped working. I temporarily changed the home page to plain HTML, but this really is an urgent problem. My site is
  2. FrozenTime

    Site has been down for a long while now

    It says my hosting account is active and I'm able to access cpanel and FTP managers, but my site isn't loading at all. It's not redirecting to x10's error page or anything like that, and my domain name isn't broken or anything.
  3. FrozenTime

    Extreme amounts of downtime lately

    I'm just wondering if there's any internal work being done or something because boru has had only about 60% uptime for the past few days. I checked but it doesn't talk about anything of the like.
  4. FrozenTime

    MySQL server offline

    idk if it's just me or coincidentally not, but around 10 minutes after I took care of a minor spamming problem on my phpbb forums (just 1 giant post), the MySQL server went offline both in my site and in the control panel for managing MySQL. "Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket...
  5. FrozenTime

    System() disabled? Need help installing

    Supers Simple Blog Script After creating the SQL database and successfully connecting to it with the script, I tried the next setup step where you enter preferences, but got the following error: Warning: system() has been disabled for security reasons in (path)/setup.php on line 145...
  6. FrozenTime

    What do you value most in a site's design?

    Elegance, simplicity, originality, ease of view, ease of navigation, loading speed, etc. If possible, put in order from most to least important. Personally, I'm not too sure (which is one reason I'm making the topic), but I think originality is pretty high up there.
  7. FrozenTime

    No longer able to login with username?

    For some reason, I can only log in using my email rather than my username now. Is that something new, or did my username somehow change?
  8. FrozenTime

    Review my design please :D It's still a work in progress, but I stopped working on it since end of year = super busy, but anyways, how does the design look? It's actually the first time I made a design completely on my own. Note that the text inside the home page is just filler, and...
  9. FrozenTime

    Suspended from cPanel again

    First topic: There has been little change in the usage of diskspace since then. This time I was in the middle of editing my stylesheet. Thanks in advance! Edit: Well it's working fine again, and...
  10. FrozenTime

    Suspended for running out of disk space on cPanel?

    I've barely used up any space on my account =/ Looking at the other support topic, I think it's a mistake.
  11. FrozenTime

    Boru cPanel no longer works, please fix

    Originally the cPanel security certificate had already expired and I had been receiving warnings messages about the expired security certificate every time I tried to access it, but I was able to ignore them everytime. Now it is no longer possible to simply ignore because it will not allow...
  12. FrozenTime

    Using a template or starting from scratch?

    I'm just about to work on a new site, and though I want to attempt to make a site from scratch, I'm not sure of it (Don't think I have enough experience, and I make all my sites using just text files, so no site making programs). I know it's better to use a template than trying to make an...
  13. FrozenTime

    Change a letter!

    Basically you can change, add, or subtract one letter to try and create a new word. Don't just making words plural or vice versa, and no back-tracking. If it gets to a point where you really can't figure out a way to make a new word, go ahead and make up a new one and we'll go from there...
  14. FrozenTime

    Hi, here's my intro, etc

    Hi, I'm FrozenTime, or at least that's what I go by in all the other sites I visit. I enjoy posting at forums surprise surprise, but also writing and web design. I'm interested in learning programming in the future. I do have a site based on writing, but I'll show that off at that other forum...
  15. FrozenTime

    Hi, I'm new and have a question

    Well this sure is interesting. I just signed up and I'm already liking it :D Anyways, is there any way I can change my forum username? If so, how? Thanks in advance! Edit: Oh btw, if you search through all my posts, there's 7 of them, but I only have 5, so I was wondering which forums don't...