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  1. nuwanpra

    To get database liked to cPanel

    Hi, I was unfortunate today. I've imported a previously backed up database as a new database using phpMyadmin. But unfortunatly it wasn't get listed under cPanel Mysql databases. Now my site joomla site is showing nothing but "Database Error: Unable to...
  2. nuwanpra

    Moving to paid hosting

    Hi, I'm willing to transfer my account to a paid hosting package and I really appreciate if someone answering these questions? 1. Will I have a discount for being a free hosting user? 2. Will it be needed reconfigure every thing (domains, email, etc..) ? 3. Will I be moved to a...
  3. nuwanpra


    Hi, I'm trying to install joomla with softaculous. I'm receiving "The INFO.XML file could not be found! Please report this to the server administrator." error. Could you please help on this matter. My server is chopin. Thank you.
  4. nuwanpra

    My joomla site not working

    Hello, My joomla site which I installed recently is not working. Cannot access softaclulose or fantastico. My server is chopin. site: Could you please have look.
  5. nuwanpra

    Saving a file to hard disk Actionscript 3.0

    Hi, I'm using Actionscript 3.0 and Flash CS3. I want to save my game data to a xml file on hard disk. Can somebody explain me how to do that?
  6. nuwanpra

    Mysql password help

    Hi, I was following a Video tutorial and successfully installed WAMP. As advice on tutorial I tried to set a password for user 'root'. But I couldn't do it using MySql console. It was giving a error message saying there is a syntax error. (where user='root') So I tried to do it using...
  7. nuwanpra

    MS SQL Server databases

    Well... I wanted to know whether is it possible to use MS SQL server database with a free hosting package? If it is possible could any one please explain what should I do? If it is not possible, is it possible to use use a MySQl database as the database of my ASP.NET site?
  8. nuwanpra

    I Love You Corey......!!!!

    My site is back to normal and much much fast now. Thank very much for your effort and goodwill. You are the man of the week.
  9. nuwanpra

    My site is noe visible

    My site that I hosted on is not visible anymore. Could you [lease let me know what caused this issue and how to solve it?
  10. nuwanpra

    One key insted of Ctrl+C or Ctrl+V

    Hi, Does any one know a method to do copy or paste some text by using only one key stroke rather than using a key combination? Is there any tool that will enable us to do this? ;)
  11. nuwanpra

    ASP.NET or PHP

    :cool: What are the main differences between ASP.NET and PHP. both are widely used. Can all of you share your thoughts and experience? PHP is open source and free to use. beyond that, is it have more functionality over ASP.NET?
  12. nuwanpra

    Hello X10

    :cool: Hello pals... Just now started with X10. Heard this is good place to make rooms for my sites.