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  1. GG-Xtreme

    I Need to Allow set_time_limit() (PHP Advanced)

    I have a simple sitemap generator script that does not use a lot of resources and is supposed to be run by cron jobs every hour or two. The problem is, this script takes a very long time to complete, and if it times out, you must click a certain link in the script output so that it may complete...
  2. GG-Xtreme

    Airplane Puzzle Question

    (This question doesn't require any major physics education or advanced math) A flat conveyor belt is built on top of an airport runway suitable for large aircraft to take off. The length of the conveyor belt is equal to the length of the runway, and it is able to take the weight of a fully...
  3. GG-Xtreme

    fopen() and file_get_contents() Do not work on PHP Advanced

    I recently upgraded to PHP advanced to fix a sitemap script. Well, now it actually starts, but halfway through, I get: Warning: fopen( [function.fopen]: failed to open stream: HTTP request...
  4. GG-Xtreme

    Advanced PHP Application Still Pending

    It has been more than 24 hours. My scripts and webpages are still failing because of disabled functions, so I requested an upgrade to PHP Advanced, but I still have not been accepted or denied. I don't understand why Intermediate PHP is suddenly no longer enough for simple things like forums and...
  5. GG-Xtreme

    Can't Change PHP Version

    Requesting Upgrade to anything that allows phpinfo() I need to upgrade PHP to whatever level allows the following functions: phpinfo(), set_time_limit(), fread(), feof() Because it is becoming a real pain as random pages in my MyBB forum and some of the plugins have just become blank or error...
  6. GG-Xtreme

    PHP Problem: gd_version() crashes script

    My MyBB image captcha no longer works (it was working when I checked this past Friday). After doing some debugging, I've found that captcha.php crashes at this block: if(gd_version() >= 2) { $im = imagecreatetruecolor($img_width, $img_height); } else { $im = imagecreate($img_width...
  7. GG-Xtreme

    Cron Jobs not working

    I set up a cron job on my site to run a PHP script every hour, but all that happens is I get cron emails that say: /bin/sh: /home/*****/public_html/*****/*****/*****.php: Permission denied (the asterisks aren't really there, I just censored the URL) every hour. I can visit that URL in my browser...
  8. GG-Xtreme

    Possible to use SMTP server?

    Since there is an SMTP server listed in the status thread, I wanted to know if it is possible to use it for my forum new-registration activation mailer, since PHP Mail() only seems to work 5% of the time and I am already getting complaints from people who can't activate their accounts.
  9. GG-Xtreme

    Quick MySQL Question

    Does the Cossacks server have MySQL Improved installed, or just plain old MySQL? (I don't need Improved, I just need to know what's installed)
  10. GG-Xtreme

    Two Undelete-able Files Taking Up Disk Space

    I don't exactly remember how they got there, but I have a directory called 'garbage' in my webspace that contains a folder called 'video\deepblue' and a file called 'video\deepblue\deepblue.avi' (both WITH the '\'s in the file names). Since these are impossible file/folder names, I cannot access...
  11. GG-Xtreme

    Installing PEAR Packages Requires GTK?

    I see a new "PHP PEAR Packages" option in my cPanel, and I would like to make use of some. However, I cannot install any GTK2 modules, as they require the 2.00 or higher development release of GTK to be compiled on the server. Here is the message I get as an example: pear/Gtk2_XXXXXX requires...
  12. GG-Xtreme

    Login Attempt Failed

    A few other people have posted the same thing. I have recently changed my cPanel password, and it was working fine for some time. I just tried to login today and neither my new password, my old password, nor my account password work. Can an admin look into this? Thank you.
  13. GG-Xtreme

    PHP Errors

    I have a PHP file that is giving me an error, but I can't see the error because I only get a blank page. How can I see the error without PHP.ini access?
  14. GG-Xtreme

    403 Forbidden

    Certain files on my site, such as images have stopped showing up on my pages. Upon further inspection, trying to view the images directly gives me a '403 Forbidden' error. This is what I tried so far: 1) I have checked the permissions of all my directories, and even set them and public_html to...
  15. GG-Xtreme

    Firefox 'Back' Button Problems

    This only started happening after an update. If I click any sort of form button that takes me to another page (for example, Google Search button), or one that doesn't change the location of the current page, the form it is attached to becomes non-functional. For example, if I click the 'Shout'...
  16. GG-Xtreme

    Prevent Viewing and Caching of JS Files While Allowing Embedding

    I have several custom external JavaScripts embedded in my site. The problem is, my poorly coded and probably easily exploited files are viewable and downloadable by getting the location from the page source. I've tried using a simple ASP trick, but the server doesn't seem to support it, because...
  17. GG-Xtreme

    Advertise on MX, as little as 5 credits, or ad exchange!

    You can advertise your site on for as long as the site lasts (3 months guaranteed or your credits back) for as little as 5 credits, or advertise for us! - 5 credits OR one text link to the Mercenary X Clan on your site will get you one text link (25 chars max) placed on...
  18. GG-Xtreme

    Can't Connect With FileZilla (Telnet and CMD work fine)

    For some reason, I can't connect to on port 21 with FileZilla (I tried with and w/o TLS, Passive mode, triple-checked password, username as both ggxtreme and, I get unable to connect, but with the commandline, I can connect just fine with just...
  19. GG-Xtreme

    "Website Maintenance Services" Not Found

    I am trying to do a full site backup from the Website Maintenance Services option in cPanel, but when I click it, I get "Not Found - The server was not able to find the document (./frontend/x3/edit_com/index.html) you requested". My site: My cPanel...
  20. GG-Xtreme

    Mail Delivery Errors to Yahoo Email Addresses

    My forum's mail function seems to have a problem sending email to anyone with a Yahoo email. I have about 30 members on my site currently, but email never gets to Yahoo users, I always get "Warning: Message Delayed 24 hours" or "Mail delivery failed" in my site's inbox. Everyone else gets email...