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    What do you think of my service?

    Here is my opinion, but your website can use a bit more work to it, it looks nice already but i think it can have some more work to it. But thats a great work bud!
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    What do you think of my site?

    Your welcome.
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    Finally Finished

    Not that bad man, but i can say that you need to add some more to make the site look even better.
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    What do you think of my site?

    Nice website bud, looks nice, can use some work other wise it looks amazing.
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    Review My Site

    Now i know its forums and you cant do much more to it, but the forums color looks amazing on it.
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    My Personal Site

    Nice work, although it can use some coloring to your site, thats just my opinion. But very nice work on this site bud.
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    Silver Line Studios

    I was able to access your website and i would like to say, it can use little more work to it, other wise your site is pretty good.