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    Mariokart 7 Community

    How did you create the Mariokart 7 community
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    [minecraft] [1.1] NO SUN Texturepack

    [Minecraft] [1.1] NO SUN texturepack NO SUN pack for minecraft 1.1! Makes the sun invisible! NOTE: you will still see daylight, just not the sun! Previously known as BlackSun. Downloads: zip(adfly) zip(no adfly) Please use the adfly option, as it donates to me at no...
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    [minecraft] [1.1] GREEN SHADOW Texturepack

    ==========[minecraft] [1.1] GREEN SHADOW Texturepack============ Green Shadow pack for minecraft 1.1! Makes shadows green! Downloads: zip(adfly): zip(no adfly): Please use the adfly option, as it donates to me at...
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    javascript library i made does not work

    Hello. I have made a javascript library called enolib.js here is the code: /*------------------------------------------------------ ENO javascript library Version 1.0 (c) HTMLGUY999 All Rights Reserved For documentation place the eno.doc(); function on your page to write a link to the...
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    Javascript Collision detection using ID's

    Please may somebody post some code as I described.
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    Javascript Collision detection using ID's

    I figured that out before i looked at the answer here by googling it. I find it useless anyway because I cannot find the collision detection function. May somebody please give me the code for a function that runs another function when objects with certain ID's hit each other. example for a...
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    Javascript Collision detection using ID's

    Hello. I am making a game with javascript, and need to know how to make two images touch each other. Each image is inside a div with an ID of: player or wall. Here is the page's code:<head><style>DIV.movable { position:absolute; }</style><script type="text/javascript"...
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    Javascript to reload a embedded flash movie.

    Hi. On My Website i have an embedded flash video game. I want to use javascript to reload the flash game when the user clicks a button/link. here is the embed code: <OBJECT classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11cf-96B8-444553540000"...
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    i'm new how do i give credits to people and stuff like that.

    Thank's -- but what use is the marketplace now?
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    i'm new how do i give credits to people and stuff like that.

    I'm new to the forums. So i have these questions: How do I give people credits in the marketplace? How do I know when i have recieved credits? how do I send people personal messages?
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    [OFF][1 credit]javascript to replace text on page with new text

    Hello. I will supply people with a javascript for a function that replaces the text inside a tag with a specified ID with new text for 1 credit. ---------- Post added at 08:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:14 PM ---------- This might be a bit of a pointless offer, but that's why it...
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    How is my site?

    Sorry about the color. By the way i totally lost control of my site's content in march. I cannot edit it anymore. --sorry about the ugly orange background.--
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    How to make a file manager

    This is if you find it difficult to access the file manager, you forget your password, the hosting site is having downtime, etc. I just use it because i find it takes a long time to access cpanel.
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    Free ad

    hi, i am willing to place an ad on my site for free. The details: you must have a link to my site on yours. My site is: (sorry, i will place the name of my site here later, i forgot the address. How it works: My site may not be popular, but once people find links on other sites, they will go to...
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    Need to supply advertising to people on my site, free.

    Hi, i am wondering if somebody can come up with a php or javascript to supply free advertising to people on my site. I need it so the first person to click the "your ad here" link gets to advertise there for free. ---please help
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    Free* ads! Get your ad online now!!!!!

    FREE* ADS! Now you can get a free ad on my website. Just visit: and get your free ad with a max size of 500x300. *=We require for you to place this HTML code on a homepage of your website: <a href="">ENO </a> approved. We...
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    Java application help.

    Hello. I need help with a java application I am making. Every time I run it, I get this error: Java Plug-in 1.6.0_31 Using JRE version 1.6.0_31-b05 Java HotSpot(TM) Client VM User home directory = C:\Users\Ethan ---------------------------------------------------- c: clear console...