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  1. elysiax1

    Registration Error

    Hey Forums, Just wondering if anyone else can register, I'm assuming not but thought I's ask in general. It's a free service + in beta so I have no intention of harassing x10 directly. Thanks
  2. elysiax1


    Hey! I was just looking to see if there are any reseller options available as I am continuing to look through available plans to decide whats best for me. Thanks, Cory
  3. elysiax1

    No access to Cpanel

    I tried MANY times over the hour - I currently have real paid hosting with cPanel and am more than familiar with the processes and troubles that can be involved. :) hopefully it works for others. Thanks though, Cory
  4. elysiax1

    No access to Cpanel

    I did a password reset and it ended up working, could have been a fluke but thought I would post how it worked again. Also it has been an hour since I registered so I could have just been a time thing. Patience is something I'm noticing a lot of people on the "free" section don't have. If time...
  5. elysiax1

    No access to Cpanel

    I'm having the same problem. new account - logged into the x10 portal - click access cPanel - I get logged in successfully for 2 seconds then I get put back to login screen with "You must specify a username to login." Please let me know what the fix for this is - I was looking to migrate my...