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    Urgent - Premium Account Glitch.

    Greetings, I ran into some troubles and need a help so I can sort this out today. I'm about to sign up for the premium hosting, but it won't let me, saying this: "You must select a payment type." But this doesn't make any sense, there was PayPal by default, I opened the and...
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    $3.95/mo Membership - Redirect.

    Greetings again, thank you for clearing this out, just one more thing, I guess, when I buy the hosting package for 3 years, I get one .com included in it, but how much for every next additional one? Example; I buy the package for 3 years -> 'Free Domain' - my site will get this .com or .net or...
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    $3.95/mo Membership - Redirect.

    Greetings, I'd ask about one more thing. It's related to this: 'Unlimited Domains'. Something tells me, it simply can not be as many '' as I'd like, so what exactly that is? Thank you for any clarification. Best Regards, SS-Totenkopf
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    $3.95/mo Membership - Redirect.

    Greetings, I'm really sorry for this, but after 3 days of waiting, I decided to give a shot to this forum section. My original post is here: Thanks to anyone, who sacrifices his 5 minutes to answer me all...
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    $3.95/mo Membership.

    Greetings, before I buy this, I want to make sure, what exactly I'm actually buying. I've not found a better place to post this question, so please, excuse me, if I picked the wrong section. 1) Sitebuilder with over 200 templates to choose from. What exactly is this please? Sitebuilder...
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    Hi there! from a noob of this forum ;-)

    Hello. Welcome to x10hosting.
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    Welcome to the family. ;|
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    New Prime Membership!

    Good job.
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    PRIME MEMBERSHIP - few questions.

    Greetings once again, after checking your announcements section, I'd like to upgrade my account, but firstly need to clarify few things. 1) No Forum Login Rule. - Really? Never ever? 2) One Cron Per Minute. - What's this exactly? 3) Double Allowed CPU\Memory Resources. - Does this mean...
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    Free hosting - visiting this forum.

    Thank you. I'll rather try to make a post once in a month. I guess, nothing can be done wrong in this way. Sure I will check the announcements. Thanks for tips Anna. Best Regards, SS-Totenkopf
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    Free hosting - visiting this forum.

    Greetings, I know that in order to maintain our free hosting account active, we must be active on this support forum, at least 1 login each month. But a question arrives here. Is it okey for me to stay logged in and only load the page once for a while or the system counts only 'fresh'...
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    x10 free vs. x10premium?

    Thank you. That cleared a lot of things. I think that would be all. ---------- Post added at 05:08 PM ---------- Previous post was at 04:49 PM ---------- Actually, two things came to my mind after all. It's the last thing, before I stop bothering you and get the premium package. I know...
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    x10 free vs. x10premium?

    Greetings, x10 seems like a nice hosting provider, yes. But I must mention that ever since I installed a forum on my web-page, it's loading like 5 minutes and 9 out of 10 page reloads gives me something like this: "The page you are looking for is temporarily unavailable. Please try again...
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    Losing connection to MySQL.

    Greetings, when working with SMF mods, I'm getting this error: Any suggestions? Best Regards, SS-Totenkopf ---------- Post added at 06:47 PM ---------- Previous post was at 02:28 PM ---------- Anybody using these forums? Best Regards, SS-Totenkopf
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    Lost connection to MySQL.

    Greetings, another quite serious problem here I need to help with. While trying to install some SMF mods I'm loosing connection to MySQL. It's some sort of timeout. First of all, I'd like to ask, if there is a simple and easy way to edit the MySQL and increase the time or something like...
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    Secure Content - IE9 Beta.

    Greetings, recently I've re-registered and signed up for x10 hosting, however when I try to access the main page - '' or something similar, it doesn't display properly. IE9 Beta offers me that yellow pop-out window below and telling me that: "Only secure content is displayed." -...