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  1. Akkarin

    Ubuntu Linux Suggestions

    Just wondering any people out there can suggest some programs or other tips/tricks for Linux Ubuntu? I'm trying to find a good theme changer that's easy to use any suggests... also any other suggestions that you have?
  2. Akkarin

    # of people's B'Day Is it me or is that quite unusual? I don't think all the member's entered their birthday truly :kdubb: Thoughts lol.
  3. Akkarin

    [Photoshop] Scanlines Family Tut

    Right here is my first tut. This took me over 40 mins to do. Since it's one image here's the link: LINK!!! (752.56 KB) If you found this useful please register at PurityPixels. Any comments? Suggesetions? EDIT: Apologies in advance if the humour in the tut is not humorous at all.
  4. Akkarin

    PuRiTy PiXeLs

    My new graphics forum is up and running. Check it out and tell me what you think. If you have some spare time please register! Thanks, Akkarin
  5. Akkarin

    [OFFER] Simple Site Layout

    I created a simple site layout for a portfolio or a small site. Anyone interested: i can obviously change hte colour scheme from blue. And the font/banner/footer. If anyone's interested here's the pricing: .PSD only: 10 points Coded Site (w/o .PSD): 20...
  6. Akkarin

    [REQ] GFX Site staff

    Here's the deal, I am in the process of making a gfx website. This will have tutorials, resources, and other pages. There will also be a forum. I am in need of some staff here are the positions required: Co-owner (1) Content writer, that's tutorials, renders, resources (4) Gfx designer (3)...
  7. Akkarin

    [OFFER] Gfx/Sigs/Banners etc...

    I thought I'd offer up my gfx "skills" to anyone who wants a sig or whatever. Please use this template: Please, please, please don't say "make me a sig with whatever". If something I produce for you is not to your liking or you want something changed just say! Price: Sigs: 10 - 25 points...
  8. Akkarin

    Is Windows A Virus?

    What you guys think, I found this really funny... because it's true.
  9. Akkarin

    Video Signature Tutorial

    Due to a request I have created a video sig tut. Basically I recorded my desktop from start of creating a sig to the finished product. If you have any questions about my methods, or if anything is unclear just ask. Link: (23MB) If any of you...
  10. Akkarin


    I found this link just now and think it is pretty cool, though it's only simple but effective. Main Site To test it, username: demo password: demo I think it's great, I might upload it to my site and test it out some more. You can access...
  11. Akkarin

    Latest Sig

    My latest sig is the first one in my signature. Please rate & comment. Thanks!
  12. Akkarin

    Ad code problem!

    Right my problem is that when I was changing templates on my mambo portal, I had to ad the ad code to the template, so.... I downloaded the ad code in the zip file and pasted that into the index of my template at the very top. The problem is that it doesn't show up at all whatsoever! Could...
  13. Akkarin

    x10 application requirements.

    I just wanted to ask you guys what you think on this. Don't you think that the quality of applications has started to really slack! I mean when I signed up the requirements said a detailed description. I wrote like a paragraph! Now applications are like 2-3 words. For example: Ma blog! It's...
  14. Akkarin

    Midst - Abstract Image (1min+For 56K's)

    Right I was fooling about in PS and I made this. I tried to include something with the text so I did that image next the text. Right tell me what you think. I wasn't sure of what to call it so I wrote what came to mind.
  15. Akkarin

    Font Manager

    I remember someone asking for a program like this, since that thread is closed here it is. It's a prgram that shows you all your installed fonts and uninstalled fonts, with examples of text you can edit. Sorry mods if this is in the wrong place, please move. Here's the link to the site I found...
  16. Akkarin

    Sig Critique Required!

    Right, guys I know all of you out there are pro gfx critiques, so I need to know if this style suits, or should I just forget about it. Please rate in percent!
  17. Akkarin

    Another Sig

    Hmmm, i dunno about this one it may seem a bit oo much for the eyes colourwise mayhaps? The text I used is something I've never done, so tell me what you think. So ye, please r&c on what you think of it, and how I can improve on it and next time. Thank YOU!
  18. Akkarin

    New Style Sig

    I've been playing around with this for about 3-4 hours in photoshop. Not quite finished I think. Tell me what you guys think please!
  19. Akkarin

    Rate My Sig PLEASE!

    Hi everyone, could you please rate my sig as I wanna know what all of you think and how I can improve it. Thank you! I made it in photoshop, some brushes, render, colour balance and then finished it off in the Imageready:
  20. Akkarin

    My 1st Ever WallP!

    Here's a wallpaper I made in PS. I got bored of having a wallpaper I wasn't entirely pleased with so I made my own! :grin: Here are the links, if you like it and want your own, I doubt you want the text there I can make a textless one or one with custom text just post here with the size (1024 x...