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    help with Dolphin

    I have the social networking script Dolphin on my free webhosting account and I am trying to get the music and video uploads to work. I am guessing its not working because of the php upload being set to 2MB is there anything I can do to fix this?
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    Virtual Campus

    What is Virtual Campus: Virtual Campus is a website dedicated to education for 4th grade and up. What we offer: - Free classroom website hosting - Online grade book - Job postings - Virtual Spelling bees, science bees, and other bees - Online courses...
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    question about ads

    I just signed up for the free ad enhanced webhosting package today and I am in the middle of designing my website so its not open to people yet. Do I have to have the ads on every page right now while I am designing it or can they be added as the finishing touches once the website is complete...