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  1. esuregreen99

    Earn $1 everyday !!

    For individuals considering PTC, note that the best one is neobux and also I have loss around 250+ with that site because referrals don't click, you have to recycle them, extend them, upgrade your account, which is costly..... PTC is a waste of time unless you have the money to invest...
  2. esuregreen99

    Teronga - We work for you! Just roam here and enrich yourself

    Very good looking web site..... Overall I like....
  3. esuregreen99

    My New Website : Physics Forum for Newbies

    Just A small advice you might need to change the color for the forum, white and blue might work and also you need to have a header/banner that takes up all the width of the site.... Have a great day......
  4. esuregreen99

    Change to Inactivity Policy

    awesome news x10hosting rocks