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    NOOO definately give it a try.... I was the same way....I bought it for some of the other games (orange box edition) and ended up not playing tf2 much as it seemed kiddish.....but then so of my css friends got me to play....and i fell in love with it.... if u enjoy css and the communty side of...
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    CS:S GunGame Stats (generated realtime)

    U dont need any special scripts/databases or cron access ITs a simple PHP site and parses game logs to generate real time stats PM for more info THanks
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    Does anyone in here game

    Need help setting up a query for a gameserver. I wrote this in php and everything works, Ive tested it before but I think I having some kind of port issue
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    Hellop everyone

    Im ByteTheGroove from the CS:Source Clan/community @ We are using X10 to generate live stats from our array of game servers We use psychostats and HLstatsX To visit our X10 site go to I am very fluent in Php,, C#, and Mysql....and...
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    bytethegroove here from chicago run with -=PoD=- just want ot say howdy peace Byte