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  1. Joker Boy

    Program Creating Program

    What programs do you recommend for creating programs? Same goes for reliable tutes and such, I'm very eager to learn to script .exe programs. I have experience with HTML, a bit of PHP (not so good with PHP/MYSQL.. just started), ActionScript 2.0 and a bit of 3.0 as well. I seek to hone my...
  2. Joker Boy

    Round N' Flat

    Alright I just whipped up this design overnight. I don't have a lot of ideas and haven't designed in a while, so I tried experimenting with color schemes and this is the final product: Round N' Flat Rate and give suggestions.. I really need ideas! Thanks in advance!
  3. Joker Boy

    Ad free arcade? Yeah, right...

    Ungodly Games (in a nutshell at the bottom) This site is dedicated to anyone, and everyone, who has ever been frusturated by advertisements while trying to get something done. Whether it is doing research for an English paper and a porno advertisement pops...
  4. Joker Boy

    Rate Design All hosted on the same server just different domains plz rate out of Excellent/Good/Fair/Terrible/This sucks/I can't feel my eyes thanks
  5. Joker Boy

    Server Experimental

    I am interested in being able to host websites like x10 does. I'm not going into the bussiness or anything, just experimenting with it, seeing as summer break has just started and I have nothing to do and crave knowledge of hardware (yes, it's true I've mastered software :P) Any help would be...
  6. Joker Boy

    Suspended And I Don't Know Why??

    cPanel Username: jokerboy Subdomain: X10 Package: x10Static How long your account has been up: About A Year Did you have the ads placed on every page: N/A I don't know why my acct is suspended but everything is offline and I dunno why!
  7. Joker Boy

    Ungodly Games post your opinions here, be sure to read the "About" section on the left side under the black image saying "Site." Thats how it all got started :biggrin:
  8. Joker Boy

    Another site... Tell me what you think... I think this is one of my better works... just give feedback (yes, i know, the links don't work. thats why its a template. and I am working on it to have more interactiveness and such!) =) :biggrin: constructive...
  9. Joker Boy

    .swf to .fla? anyone?!

    I was cleaning out my macintosh HD the other day and thought that I had the .fla versions of the pages of my site saved on an external hard drive... so I deleted them and the .swf's as well. I downloaded the .swf's again so its all good. Is there ANY WAY to convert .swf to .fla??? GODANG I...
  10. Joker Boy

    scrolling text? In HTML?

    HELP!!! I NEED TO MAKE SCROLLING TEXT (similar to the "x10Hosting will be re-opening on May 1st!" at the top of the forums) ON A SITE FOR THE HOME PAGE WITH THE LATEST UPDATES AND STUFF!!! HOW DO I DO IT??? Some example text would be "welcome to our site!" if you could do the coding or show...
  11. Joker Boy

    Gawd How I Hate Haircuts!!!

    I got a haircut a few days ago. My hair used to be long, not REAALLLLY long, but long and shaggy for a guy. Well I went to get a haircut, and guess what? They chopped it off. ALL OF IT. I HAVE PRACTICALLY NO HAIR LEFT!! I even started my own facebook group you can read the full story there...
  12. Joker Boy

    New GeForce 8800 GTX

    I JUST GOT ONE OF THESE BABIES FOR $500 NO TAX BRAND NEW IN THE BOX PERFECT CONDITION!!! NVIDIA, highest/besst video card currently in production, I'm gonna overclock it soon and make it the absolute best in teh world. Oh yes. Oh yes. :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: Oh and this thing is friggin...
  13. Joker Boy


    I am working on a flash-based game, it's not even close to being ready but the unofficial BETA preview I have just uploaded on Eefoof. Check it out here. All the glitches that have been fixed/are being worked on are listed on the right side of the page.
  14. Joker Boy

    Overclocking Ge Force 8800 GTX and 7600 GTS

    I am thinking about getting an Nvidia Ge Force 8800 GTX for $520 flat, no tax. I allready have an Nvidia Ge Force 7600 GTS. When I get the 8800 I am probably going to bridge the two and overclock them both. It uses BIOS and not manual caps on the physical chip. SHOULD I DO IT??? Any feedback...
  15. Joker Boy

    Eefoof v2.0!!

    W00T!!! today Eefoof v2.0 is going to be released I'm SOOOO PUMPED!!!! W00T!!!! (I've only made about $19 so far but it's a good way to make money without doing anything so why not? :dunno:) W00T!!!!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!! MUAHAHAHAHAAHHA!! Here's the link to...
  16. Joker Boy

    Happy Easter!!!

    Lol happy easter
  17. Joker Boy

    Re: Unprofessional Service

  18. Joker Boy

    Make me laugh...

    Allright I am in desperate need of some laughter right now... Below is a joke i found that cracked me up! Any other jokes that would do so please post :happysad: Thanks!
  19. Joker Boy

    Lol!!! lol i just made these of my friend when we were ichatting i took a few photos and put them to lazy town music. Funniest thing ever... he doesn't know yet i emailed him about it...
  20. Joker Boy

    A few wallapapers...

    I designed these just using Flash 8 tell me what you think: (you can also get them from the "downloadables" section of my site.