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  1. nico.botero83

    17 Best WordPress Business Themes

    The WP-Fresh Look looks great! I will give it a try! Thx!
  2. nico.botero83

    PHP Charting

    I need help. I am using PHP + MySQL for a project, and I need to make a chart from information stored in a database. Can anyone can guide me on how to achive this? Thanks!
  3. nico.botero83

    Problem installing SVNManager with Softaculous

    Hello everyone. I am trying to install SVNManager, which is found on the Softaculous' software list. I use the blue button "Install" and the "wizard" appears. There I left everything as it is by default and then click on the Install button. But then, something about a missing file shows up and...
  4. nico.botero83

    Free Wordpress themes by Themesjunction

    there are some great themes. thanks for posting them. I think I will create one based on some of these.
  5. nico.botero83

    Linux web and mail server

    as a distro you can use CentOS... it is commonly used in web/mail servers. For serving "web-stuff" you can use either apache or nginx (i preffer nginx). And for mail i cant really suggest one (i dont have experience with them)
  6. nico.botero83

    Thin client solutions on Ubuntu, Edubuntu (Linux based OS)

    Linux Mint is a well-known ubuntu-based distro... and it is more lightweight than ubuntu itself. Crunchbang Linux is also compatible, a it is even more lightweight than ubuntu.
  7. nico.botero83

    Backup Your System

    Dropbox is useful too... especially for personal docs and photos....
  8. nico.botero83

    OpenArena or Tremulous?

    i haven't try tremolous, but i will download soon so i can compare.
  9. nico.botero83

    Anyone playing OpenArena?

    I like OpenArena. I use to play it on my ubuntu sometimes.
  10. nico.botero83

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 [Wii]

    I am looking for poeple to play COD: Modern Warfare 3 on Nintendo's Wii. I have seen that everyone have it on PS3/XBOX360/PC but none on the Wii. If you like the idea, we can create a clan or ocasional matches...
  11. nico.botero83

    what is better? drupal or joomla?

    I am not an expert. But i know drupal demands more time while you get basics. After that you will realize that it is a really nice aplication.
  12. nico.botero83

    Free Software Suggestions

    I use these ones at daily basis... Software Category: Software Development / Programming Software Name: Netbeans IDE Short Description: A Link: Software Category: Software Development / Text Editor Software Name: Geany Short Description: a text editor using the GTK2...