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  1. Ninesvnsicks

    Is anyone else's site either slow or offline a lot?

    Has an admin or any higher up commented on what the problem is? Maybe they should make an announcement about what is going on so everyone stops posting about it. It would also be nice just to know the cause :)
  2. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut Server Downtime httpd Services What's Happening

    I have a monitoring service that I started for my site to check it out and my inbox is flooding with alerts every 30 mins it seems lol here are the stats since I started it. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- date uptime dns connect...
  3. Ninesvnsicks

    Add and Remove Domains - Where?

    Depends on what server your on but if you were on absolut for example it would be
  4. Ninesvnsicks

    What is wrong with absolut?

    Yesterdays uptime was 9.38%
  5. Ninesvnsicks

    GoDaddy $1.19 Domains

    The offer has expired.
  6. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut is down

    Just letting the admins know thanks.
  7. Ninesvnsicks

    Site Stability/Reliability

    I am also on absolut and have been experiencing the same problems I have seen the free servers complained about a million times yet nothing ever changes. Yes we are paying nothing for this service but even tho it is a free service the servers should still at least stay up more then 10% of the...
  8. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut is down again again

    knock on wood you mean hehe.
  9. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut is down again again

    Yeah I'm not sure what is going on it seems to be working now. Does anyone know what is causing the problems?
  10. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut is down again again

    It must have went down again it's still not loading for me.
  11. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut is down again

    Absolut is down again, do you guys know what is wrong with it and why it keeps going down?
  12. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut httpd down

    no idea last night it was taking 10 mins to load one page and it's been down all day today.
  13. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut httpd down

    If an admin reads this I just wanted to let you know absolut httpd is down thanks.
  14. Ninesvnsicks

    Latest Update

    Thank you for the update Corey I am loving the new x10hosting, what is the "affiliate system" tho?
  15. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut is down

    Yeah I didn't want to open a ticket for a simple httpd down heh. I just figured someone higher up would view the forums and see it. It seems to be up now woot.
  16. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut is down

    How do you get that server alert thing?
  17. Ninesvnsicks

    Absolut is down

    Absolut.x10 seems to be down my page wont load.
  18. Ninesvnsicks

    New Site

    I really like the new site theme and forum theme :)
  19. Ninesvnsicks

    GoDaddy $1.19 Domains

    I prefer Godaddy I already have one domain with them which my dad actually needs to renew so maybe I'll just pay the 10 bux for mine.
  20. Ninesvnsicks

    GoDaddy $1.19 Domains

    I already have a domain with Godaddy is it suppose to work with a new one? I jsut tried and nothing happened when I hit apply code.