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  1. randomize

    Would I be allowed to do this?

    Hey guys, I have had an idea for a new website, to replace my old one! I was wondering if I could create a website called Pwning Gamerz, where people send in videos of them pwning in gamez such as Halo 2 etc! It is all going to be part of my new network that I am currently trying to think...
  2. randomize

    Offer - Corey & ASP

    Right here it goes peeps, Corey said he would try out the Apache Model to allow us to try out ASP, if I can get 5 people to PM him saying they will use ASP. Now heres what I want, I need 5 people who can code in ASP, or are willing to learn the code, to PM Corey saying you will, and also...
  3. randomize

    A simple boring layout I made.... Well I think it is any way

    Look at the below image:
  4. randomize

    Age of Empires III - Any one Play?

    Hey, I was wondering if any of you guys are interested in Age of Empires Series or that sort of game? Regards, Randomize
  5. randomize

    Slight Image Problem

    Hey guys, I have a slight image problem at the moment! when you go to: The logo will not display, however when you go to the logo will display! Could someone explain to me, thank...
  6. randomize

    Which domain buyer do you use? which is cheapest or safer?

    Hey, Title of this topic describes it all really don't it! I am looking into buying a domain, and I was wondering where the cheapest or the safest, or the best deals are, and which ones you use? So post away! Regards, Randomize
  7. randomize

    A simple request - 200pts for it

    Hey I want someone to tell me how you do the following: index.php?page=staff well along those lines, I wish someone to give the code, and explain in "lamens" terms, (Simplistic if you must) so that I can understand it easily, as I am a complete and utter n00b at PHP. I offer to you...
  8. randomize

    Your thoughts on a site layout I made!

    Hey, I would like your thoughts on this site layout that I created for a friend, regarding a Project me, and him, as well as a couple of other people are working on. Please take a look and tell me what you think of the layout, giving it a...
  9. randomize

    Some help is required!

    Ok here it goes! I think I might of made a mistake. Yesterday I changed my account sub-domain using the account modify thingy, and it worked all fine and dandy! Then today, i thought about it and the name didn't sound right, so what I did was I tried to change it back to the original...
  10. randomize

    My code problem.

    Ok guys, I am requiring your help! In internet 6, the website displays fine, however in FF it doesnt, So, I need your help please. Once I have fixed this problem then I shall be able to replace the old site with this new fixed one...
  11. randomize

    Ad Question!

    Hey, I already have the ads at the top of my site, The ads are at the top like requested, would it be allright if I put them at the bottom of the middle column as well even if it means you have to scroll to see them a second time. I believe it might...
  12. randomize

    New Layout!

    This is a brand new layout that I have been working on. I hand coded the whole thing, as before, I used to be a web designer who just used design view in dreamweaver, and used tables to lay out the website, and I also used to use templates from various sources! But Last night, I just...
  13. randomize

    I have an idea! To do with posting in introduction area!

    hey, we have been discussing this in another post but admin thought we were goin off topic, so I decided to create this thread! I feel you should get points for posting in the introduction area, however, this should be regulated! you get less points than anywhere else in the forum! Im...
  14. randomize

    X10 Forum Ranks??

    Hey I was wondering, how do you progress to the next rank? Regards, Randomize
  15. randomize

    I require your help with divs!

    Hey guys, I am currently rebuilding my website with divs, instead of tables. However I have a problem. I want the two small boxes to be inline with each other. look at the boxes. I want them beside each other. Here is the css that I am...
  16. randomize

    New Sig. Do you like?

    I prefer the second one. The renders are just random ones, that I pulled from ClanTemplates archive! Please Rate! 0 being utter rubbish, 10 being excellent!
  17. randomize

    How to install phpBB manually!

    here is a link to a small walkthrough I created. Let me know if there is any problems with it etc Regards, Randomize
  18. randomize

    [Req] Need Template!

    Hello Guys, I require a template for my website, since its not looking good, and I am absolutly rubbish at Photoshop, so I am asking you for some help. Now you can either recommend a website, that will show me how to craete decent website templates etc, OR I can offer you 1000 points for...
  19. randomize

    My 3rd ever attempt at a sig!

    here is my 3rd ever attempt at a sig! see attatchment!
  20. randomize

    e107 help

    I have just aquired the latesst version of e107 I am installing it, and I got to Step 7 - Finalising the Installation and I get the following error: