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    The Doors Sig

    I'm an old member just made a new sig. C&C please
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    New Sig

    Its pretty simple and plain.. Just going for a .. weird look? yeah Comments in critiques please :D
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    My Vector Art

    Yeah i recently did some vector art. Comments and Critiques? If you want one done go here
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    [OFFER] Vector Art

    I am offering to do custom Vector Arts for points :D I do people, characters, and animals. I am not doing cars right now because i have yet to come out with a good one. I will give you full rights and a .PSD and .PNG file if wanted. I am only asking for points and my watermark on it (small...
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    Something Weird

    I recieved an email saying that i was suspended for inactivity. But i distinctly remembered that i logged in today and yesterday. And even though i used the link i was just wondering why i was. Maybe there's an error in the suspension script. Sorry if its a useless thread. You can delete if...
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    New Sig!

    Yeah its my new sig, took me about 20 minutes D:. And yeah In my signature area :]
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    Fantistico Forum Help

    Well I wanted to install a forum on my site with the fantastico in the cpanel. I tried using the SMF one and once i did install it i got all these errors. I checked all the mySQL stuff and everything else. But i just can't get it to work. I removed it, but if anyone needs me to reinstall...
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    Password Reset

    I need my password reset due to server corruption. URL: Username: aroon Thanks in Advance.
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    New iPod

    The new ipod comes in 30gig and 60gig hard drives. It plays videos, holds photos, and acts as an MP3 player. It's only 299.99. The nano which is still pretty new, runs for 249.99 for a 4gig. Do you think it is bad on apple's part for releasing the new iPod, drawing away attention from the...
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    new sig

    blah new sig.. What do you guys think?
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    Have you upgraded your PSP memory?

    I haven't really thought about getting a memory stick for games.. But for music. Im thinking I should get a 512mb or a 1 gig. :/
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    My blogging site That's my blogging thing. I made the banner in Flash and used iframes and such. Would appreciate some comments. :grin:
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    My new site

    Its going to be a graphics/personal website. Even though its not completely done (has a link) thats what it will look like. Im having a problem adding a content box in that blank little white spot. Well thats it. i Need critique'ness.
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    Hello all. im Aaron (Aroonxors) just checking out the new forums.