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  1. theafterthought

    Does the color clash?

    I think the colours are too primary; try using pastel colours. Black backgrounds can look really nice but often are too dominating and I think that's the case here. Also you need some padding on your divs, the text is right up close to the borders. So, if I were you, I'd cool the colours down...
  2. theafterthought

    Count to 1 Million

    796 - July 1996 was the month in which Dolly the sheep became the first mammal to be successfully cloned from an adult cell
  3. theafterthought

    Review My Website

    Having looked at your site, I feel you could do with a little something that explains the purpose and idea behind the site. It just could do with that bit of identity that puts it apart from other sites and explains what the user can find within - remember that most first-time visitors quickly...
  4. theafterthought

    McCAIN Vs. Obama

    I feel that McCain is going to win, but of course it will be close. However, my personal opinion is that voting for either is futile, at the end of the day both will bring advantages and disadvantages which is how we have ended up in the kind of society we live in today!
  5. theafterthought

    Web Mail Client

    I actually have no idea what they're all like in comparison, I just chose Horde and stuck with it as it has posed no problems to me!
  6. theafterthought

    Renewing IP Address in Windows XP

    Nice one, do we have a DNS flush tutorial on here?
  7. theafterthought

    Do you use strict or transitional HTML or XHTML?

    I use Transitional but in an ideal world I would know as much as Hazirak to be able to use Strict. I've never actually looked into XHTML 1.1 come to think of it...
  8. theafterthought

    Review my site (Updated)

    The theme used looks gorgeous, I agree though that the width needs to be reduced to fit the screen as I get the same problem. In fact, the width could do with decreasing anyway just so there is not so much blank space on the page. Also, the option to change the theme to 'DS Natural' doesn't work...
  9. theafterthought

    Mind mapping open source software

    Looks good! Do you then have an option to save the flash output as, say, a png file?
  10. theafterthought

    The forums theme is cool

    I must say it does look a lot better! Filling up more of the page is definite thumbs up from me :dancingna
  11. theafterthought

    Web Development Assignment

    Really good site, though should really be posted in the 'Review My Site' section ;) The xhtml errors seem like they'd be easy for you to fix, just rely more on CSS rather than html tag attributes and also the <embed> tag is deprecated for xhtml so try using <object> and <param> tags instead ...
  12. theafterthought

    Useful font tester site

    Yes, the CSS from the site is very simple so I can't see it having any issues in compatibilities with other browsers
  13. theafterthought

    Firefox-3 About 9000 downloads per minute

    It would be great if x10 offered that kind of bandwidth ;)
  14. theafterthought

    Great Site for Making Web Buttons

    Pretty good! The brandname fonts are cool ;)
  15. theafterthought

    Firefox Download Day

    Hopefully Guinness World Records will accept it as official!! I can't see it being broken by any other program out there at the moment...
  16. theafterthought

    Useful font tester site

    Hi guys, just found a useful site that you can use to test different fonts and colour combinations: It also tells you which fonts are websafe and has html code for unusual text characters.
  17. theafterthought

    Internet borders

    Yeah, those things suck. Especially when was restricted so that UK users couldn't use it - it was great for finding out new music for free.
  18. theafterthought

    Firefox Download Day

    Phew!! Well the add-ons section is back up now so I'm getting on with that now :D
  19. theafterthought

    Metacafe VS. Youtube

    Metacafe is good and is a nice alternative to YouTube for some more quirky videos, but unfortunately I tend to jump on the bandwagon here and go with the site that has the most content - I'm not going to find video updates from favourite bands or friends on Metacafe for example.
  20. theafterthought

    Firefox Download Day

    Favicon bookmarking seems to work fine for me!?