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  1. jtb_btj13

    HTTP 503

    Hello, I have the same problem.
  2. jtb_btj13

    Important Free Logos or other small design work

    Just you get a design that had requested ... with excellent design ... Thanks x10Hosting ... and the whole group of designers ...
  3. jtb_btj13

    New and Improved Status Page

    good job ... thank you very much ... congratulations to all there in x10 ...
  4. jtb_btj13

    David Deland, aka Carl6969

    I never had the good fortune to know ... David Goodbye ... Rest In Peace ...
  5. jtb_btj13

    File Zilla says 421 50 users (the maximum)?

    if I'm going through the same, just wanted to add more files and I did from the cpanel without any problem. Hope it's not something permenete ... Thanks x10.
  6. jtb_btj13

    Does free hosting allow video uploading?

    good clarification. one question, the video reproduction in time would affect the bandwidth limit is given as allowed? ... as it would be seen by many users possibly. From bandwidth affect some possible solutions ... Thanks x10 ....
  7. jtb_btj13

    Forum Switch

    great change, thanks x10 ... all OK.
  8. jtb_btj13

    [Help] How to change my domain?

    There is an option in cpanel (packdomains) that allows you to place different domain that has registered (x10 propocionado different from the default), domain server free or paid .... consider that perhaps they will have to modify the source code of the web .... luck ....
  9. jtb_btj13

    Fix domain

    There is an option in cpanel (packdomains) that allows you to place different domain this can be tk (free domain server) that allows you to manage DNS and place of x10hosting, perhaps they will have to change some things in the web.
  10. jtb_btj13

    Can't access my site, what happen to CO.CC domain?

    Primary Domain change I think you can not change, you have to do is crearce an account or other Dot TK domain server that allows them to configure dns and x10hosting ips (, ns2., ips ...) as they did with the domain in cpanel avoids an option (Parked...
  11. jtb_btj13

    Can't access my site, what happen to CO.CC domain?

    if I have the same problem now, hopefully only momentary domain or can somehow change the domain provided by x10 or whichever and other ... of what would otherwise jjordan69, hope it's not the only way to change it ...
  12. jtb_btj13

    Server Moves

    This change looks set servers take some time but it is best to have a little patience and sql web services and others and will be restored. x10 go ahead and thank you for the change, it will be good ...
  13. jtb_btj13

    Response to feedback

    was worth the wait for these updates, good job thanks x10 .........
  14. jtb_btj13

    cPanel not working on Boru

    If this maintenance boru is just waiting to finish this task performed by managers excellent x10.
  15. jtb_btj13

    "Resource Limit Hit!" on Chopin

    uuuummmm! I hope that is not present in the other servers. always be measured use of these services and thus do not show these problems in the future. x10 thanks .........
  16. jtb_btj13

    x10hosting Pumpkin Decorating Competition!

    ok. Another way of obtaining the service of x10Hosting. Excellent move on .......
  17. jtb_btj13

    HRU (High Resource Usage) Policy Change

    thank you for continuing to improve service, this applies to queries only data or only control files up and down??
  18. jtb_btj13

    CloudFlare Partnership

    another measure to improve performance of web pages, especially can on and off easily. thanks Administ of X10.
  19. jtb_btj13


    Otra posiblidad para mas trabajo. Gracias por ofrecer oportunidades de mejorar.
  20. jtb_btj13

    FTP Restriction Lifted

    excellent measure taken. Thanks x10.