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    Jealous See I love my Ubuntu desktop. CPU is always cold. Everything just slides right into place like with my FF wallpaper. I love the compiz effects too, they are awesome.
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    My Website

    Over used the blue a bit on there and it doesn't look right, it looks the same as with xav0989. Really needs a better design overall with less blue look.
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    Kids Like Porn.

    Now I myself only being 13 my opinion might be overlooked but i don't care. I feel that a man's attraction to women is only natural, it's natural to want a beautiful woman so that you have beautiful children and it is natural for people around my age to want to see it, as you hear about it in...
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    game: kill the above user

    I kill zen-r by confusing him, as some people are still crazy enough to be posting in this thread. I used to post here about 1 year ago i think i had a different account back then and I still remember alexandgruntz posting and smith6612. damn these people have no lives!
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    Would you give up cPanel for better uptime?

    cPanel in my opinion sucks. It's over priced and slow. It is a CPU drainer of the century. A better and free control panel would be webmin. It is simple and easy to get used to etc. but I don't know if you can migrate cPanel accounts to it.
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    Selling website clones!

    Not until hell freezes over this would be legal. Spammers eat this stuff up, why hasnt' this topic been removed however?
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    You know your joking REBEL21

    You know your joking REBEL21
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    Do you believe in God?

    I do not believe in God. i do not believe there is any evidence of him/her/it. Science can explain how the universe got created and all sorts of things that religion has yet to have gotten any support for yet.
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    How much RAM do you have?

    I got 512MB of RAM on the computer i'm using now. I have 2GB of RAM on my laptop and my second oldest brothers computer has 2GB of RAM. and my oldest brothers computer has 1GB of RAM
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    New Site Builder

    yeah HTML only. and Dreamweaver rocks though. it is a bit hard to use but still great.
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    Updates, including rollbacks \ Apache success

    Freehosting isn't perfect. Patience is a virtue.
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    Updates, including rollbacks \ Apache success

    i cannot wait until my site is back to normal. thanks for the update. i'm glad to know what's going on.
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    The smallest USB stick

    The smallest USB i have is my 1 GB Sony Microvault. I got it about this time last year for school work.
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    To everyone who's had a problem with their site in the last week

    well said nick.uni anyway thanks for the info. i was scared my site was completely messed up.
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    What do you do on the computer?

    surfing the net of course and going on forum sites like this. i do a lot of web designing and image editing as well.
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    Has anyone tried Linux Mint?

    i've tried Ubuntu Linux before but never Linux mint. i do find Linux a very good OS.
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    Which AV Do you use?

    Which anti-virus (if any) do you use. I use Kaspersky Internet Security 2009. Anyway i put up as many anti-viruses as i can remember.
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    Do you think...

    i think they should get stoli up again. it is up but i got stupid cPanel page. can't wait until everything is back to normal.
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    Countdown clock

    Great site 2395867 seconds until my birthday! Nice site design. 666 hours as well.
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    Please Review my site. Thanks in advance.

    I like your site, it's good start seeing as you only just started. Hope your site works out for you.