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  1. l4w2game

    Site loading a blank screen, sometimes images/JS not working, etc.

    It works, but unfortunately it is impossible to log in to the site now I moved it.
  2. l4w2game

    Site loading a blank screen, sometimes images/JS not working, etc.

    Update: I'm moving the site to xo2 using my original account. I'll keep my one up for a few days or so, most probably, and I managed to get the thing to work which is good. It's being done now!!
  3. l4w2game

    Site loading a blank screen, sometimes images/JS not working, etc.

    I'm considering to delete that domain since it's not really useful anymore as only a few things link back to that URL. However that would probably delete the forum account I'm posting from? The reason I moved is highlighted somewhere on this forum - to repeat though, I moved because is...
  4. l4w2game

    Site loading a blank screen, sometimes images/JS not working, etc.

    Yeah, I think xo7 is the most populated server... my site does get a lot of visits daily (mostly from crawlers and a few specific users) that isn't helping that we have a AJAX based shoutbox. AYBABTU64 took a screenshotof what it's look like. Maybe some kind of migration server system can be...
  5. l4w2game

    Running very slowly

    My speed is fine most of the time, but I'm getting strange errors like some images, most JS and some CSS going missing on some clicks on the site.
  6. l4w2game

    Site loading a blank screen, sometimes images/JS not working, etc.

    Hi, (which is my 'main' account; the one tied to this forum account only exists for reference to the normal site) is sometimes not loading JavaScript and images, sometimes a blank screen, sometimes normal. Safari tends to also say that the server has dropped the...
  7. l4w2game

    MyBB Themes

    Hi, I'm started MyBB site instead of my old forum software which I was using. This is version 1.8.6 and most themes of the MyBB community seem to be inactive of ones which look good. I'm looking good themes though, I'd particularly like one that's sleek with elements of black and dark pink. I...
  8. l4w2game

    Changed L4W2 Gamers to MyBB 1.8.6 yay

    Changed L4W2 Gamers to MyBB 1.8.6 yay
  9. l4w2game

    Domain document root not found.

    I'm actually using another account to host the website: l4w2gam2 I kept this account for the redirect page and the forum account because I didn't know how to add another site to the x10hosting panel... I might did some thing wrong. The error was appearing for a few minutes and all went back to...
  10. l4w2game

    Country Restriction is a Joke

    I can understand country restrictions but isn't it possible to do other ways of blocking? Countries like Russia, China, etc. have a lot of proxy servers hosted and anyone could just use an IP from there instead of the real one, as was stated above. Things like phone verification, email blocking...
  11. l4w2game

    Domain document root not found.

    Site on server xo7, displaying "Domain document root not found". FTP server shows all files and nothing seem to be to wrong, just threw this error up for no reason.
  12. l4w2game

    All IP logs are listed as

    Similar to a problem with the IP deny manager not working, I'm getting another issue regarding accessing and IPs. Mine and another user's IPs have shown as, I also saw a guest browsing one of the threads also using the same IP. I also tested out by using a proxy server to browse...
  13. l4w2game

    IP's listed in IP Deny Manager not being blocked.

    I have a similar issue in which users' IPs are being logged as in my forums, also including guests, for some reason.
  14. l4w2game

    Any update on xo7?

    I would check because I put one of those freenode irc clients for the site and forgot to block non-registered users from seeing it, around December 14th, that's when I first noticed the problems with the site. We don't get much visitors but I do tend to use the client for quite...
  15. l4w2game

    Holiday message to x10hosting

    I've greeted people with 'x07 is getting better now' on my website.
  16. l4w2game

    Any update on xo7?

    Update: it's still not great, but it's definitely a lot better than it was yesterday.
  17. l4w2game

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed(PLEASE HELP)

    I'm not getting any backend fetch errors now, but the server is a bit slow. Probably won't be able to make a new thread on my board today though.
  18. l4w2game

    503 Backend Fetch Failed

    I really hope this issue will be cleared by Christmas Day... I don't want people to leave my site due to the server and that is probably possible...
  19. l4w2game

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    There's already about 54392651 threads made about this, so I will repeat: x10Hosting either have server issues, or they're doing something to the server. Except very slow load times and 503 errors.
  20. l4w2game

    Error 503 Backend fetch failed

    It seems x10Hosting either don't know what the issue is, or they're not telling us anything. I think they're performing something on the server since it keeps loading 503 backend fetch, then my site starts to load very slowly, and constantly loops between the two.