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    Que velocidad de conexion a internet tienes?

    Bajita: 1M, pero constante, sin filtros, y con muy buen servicio y atención si uno llama. Para mail, trabajo y skype, está OK y no me puedo quejar.
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    Heh, I'm already with a triple-boot system: Mac OS X (Snow leopard), Ubuntu 9.10 (Karmic Koala) and Windows 7. Still my favourite is the one coming from Cupertino. But... hey... I'm not blind. Linux and Windows have come a LONG way towards better interface and usability. As for Ubuntu, I was...
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    Not quite finished but ready for critiques and comments

    Hello. Thanks for the replies. A few characteristics of the website are so in accordance to what the site owners asked for. Other points I'll consider very seriously. As for now, the website is in process of being updated. I'll post a message here when it's done. Thanks a lot for your opinions!!!
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    swine flu info site - feedback appreciated

    It looks VERY, VERY nice, tidy and complete. It has a lot of info and links to information in trusted sources' websites. Visually, is clear, attractive, and easy on the eye. Sincerely, I can't find any suggestion to make, since you appear to have thought of everything for this kind of...
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    Not quite finished but ready for critiques and comments

    Well, to the point: It's in spanish, but you can still comment on it regarding its design if not its contents (as a matter of fact I would very much like so). It's a website for some theatre producers, showcasing a musical play for kids tying recycling...
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    Check out my site

    If I had to say it in just one word, that word would be Elegant. It's very nicely done, well thought out, and it smells of careful planification. Just one thing I like less: On sites with few links in the menu, I prefer that the a:visited state of links stays the same as the a:link (in sites...
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    would someone critique my site please

    Hi. I subscribe 100% to what boelectronic said. Certain animations are best done in Flash format. They end up being not only much lighter, but they also end up looking much better. On the other hand, I LOVED the pictures. Some of those are really awesome. Keep on, pal! Websites are...
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    what do you think of my site?

    I like the site. Visually is verytidy yet not boring. I like the semitransparent top menu bar (though spaces between menu items are not quite even, at least that's how I see it in Opera right now). Oh, and I liked learning a bit about Serj Tankian. I didn't know about him, and now I feel I...
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    Which Operating System do you prefer?

    I prefer Mac OS X. It's not what I'm using, though. Right now I'm with a borrowed PC using XP, because my own PC got fried (Ms. Motherboard somehow decided to commit suicide). On said PC I had Ubuntu and Win XP (in a double boot system). Of those, I prefer Ubuntu, by far. XP I only had in...
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    Do you speak another language/tongue?

    Being spanish my native tongue (I'm argentine), I can (sort of) speak english. I'm better at reading than at speaking, though, and I reckon I have some issues with certain accents (i.e., australian). It's great for many things: Browsing the web there are lots of english-only websites with...
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    Barrack (Ambrosia software) on Mac OS X

    Ain't it OK if you LEGALLY BUY your copy of the O.S.? I happen to have a somewhat old Mac that some company does not need anymore, and I CAN buy the new O.S. but, instead of installing it on that old Mac, I'll see if I can install it on a custom-made computer. OTOH, if you can try Barrack...
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    Barrack (Ambrosia software) on Mac OS X

    Hello. I used to have the game "Barrack" (simple yet impressive), from Ambrosia Software, quite many years ago. It worked OK on my Mac (System 8 at that time) and it was so much fun that I paid the shareware fee to have the game as I should. After many years of Windows, then of Ubuntu/Windows...