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  1. ShadowedGrinner Since I don't know if you're going to or not. Adult Material... Since I don't know if you're going to or not. Adult Material This includes all pornography, erotic images, or otherwise lewd or obscene content. The designation of "adult material" is left entirely to the discretion of x10Hosting.
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    My website is gone, dead, no more, zero f*cks....

    Working on it for two weeks doesn't mean that he was working on it through x10hosting. He could have made it through a local copy or transferred it; then it resulted in an error.
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    Important Free Logos or other small design work

    Is this still open? o-o If it is that would be amazing. x10hosting is pretty customer friendly with all of this stuff. :P
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    New Countries

    I doubt a proxy was used to register. Most proxies are blocked (yes I have gone and tested this with a few common ones to see if there was anything x10 missed). So unless he's using a very unsaturated one, or developed one himself. I doubt it.
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    Account Upgrade

    Have you met the conditions to be upgraded? Also, your site has a bit of a lag problem. Not sure if it's just me, but it's definitely there.
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    406 error code...

    It may be depreciated, but it may work. That's why I said to just attempt it.
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    406 error code...

    Oh crap. I mean <font color="#EC1E1E">[Status]</font> Sorry! I've been spending too much time on MyBB forums. ._.
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    This Account Has Been Suspended

    Please go into more details regarding your site. Were you violating any of the TOS? Were you inactive? Log in from a different country? You have given nothing for anyone to help you with.
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    406 error code...

    Why not just try doing <color="#EC1E1E">[Server Update]</color>
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    406 error code...

    What are you trying to do with the Thread Prefix? Like, what code are you attempting to use for it.
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    How to do this?

    To answer your first question, it would most likely be better if you went to a coding website rather than a community forum that specializes in troubleshooting problems with what you already have set up. To answer your second question, I think this might be helpful. Please notice that this is...
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    406 error code...

    Hello, well regarding this problem, I searched around and found something. From an earlier post at It appears that due to your website having Javascript Line(s), you cannot upload changes to your website. Sorry for the...
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    eproc limit reached by refreshing a single file...

    Have you tried purging the Cache?
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    406 error code...

    Hi cstrike3, will you please put the entirety of the code in your reply? You have only put a minor snippit of it, which we can't really do much with. There may be something in your file that is preventing you from being able to add it.
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    Keep getting these errors when i try to make a post/topic on my site

    I get this error too, constantly. Try giving the link to where you are at whenever you encounter the error.
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    Help to create an account!

    Got it, it makes more sense now. Just still don't see how users in a specific country can get their entire country de-whitelisted.
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    Help to create an account!

    That is a bit moronic in my opinion. Just because he is from Brazil shouldn't mean he isn't allowed to create a website.
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    Unable to log-in to cPanel

    I do not think there is. If all of the files have been deleted, I'm assuming they didn't have a backup of them in case you decided to return. Sorry to hear about that dude.
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    403 Forbidden

    I've tried linking it to this account and it is going to a blank screen located at: And when I try to log in to minewac2, it says "Incorrect Password", which I know is false.