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    Free Premium Quality WordPress Themes

    it's very beautiful theme! But, do you have got the flash theme combo with WP source as CMS Flash code? Thank you!
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    Joomla vs Wordpress

    Me, I like Joomla more than WP because the custom capacities of Joomla permit coders to change all follow design ideas. For Joomla, they can create and organize the modules at each page. That's good!
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    Free WordPress Theme By Mido_1989

    your theme are the same of wootheme. I don't known! But, there are so beautiful :)
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    Css background image

    you shound use: background: url("../your folder/your file's name") no-repeat;
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    Cant Write index.php

    check again your Cmod and try to delete the .htaccess
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    Thank for your free hosting

    Really, I think your hosting is very good, fast, stability. Thank you very much!