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  1. Myaccounbanned

    {offering} Gmail accounts

    Hi, would you like a gmail account im offering 1 for 1 point 5 for 4 points :O!! if you would like 1 make the transaction to me take a screenshot post it here and then send an e-mail to with the accounts you want!
  2. Myaccounbanned


    Ok this is really pissing me off like really. I have a couple admins espeacially madmatt who always find ways to banned me. A) not all acounts with randomtalkradio are mine I have people who work with me on my site they just use my name cuz im the owner and everything. And he keeps ruining my...
  3. Myaccounbanned

    Shoutcast server?

    Does x10hosting host shoutcast? If they do how can i set mine up. Ive been running mine off my computer. ANy1 know?
  4. Myaccounbanned

    WOW worth it?

    WOW the game of the year. Also very addicive and costs lots of money. 1) How could any1 pay so much money($16-$30 Us a month). 2) The game gets people so addictive that there was one kid(hes my friend from school) he was so addicted he skipped 3 days of school and played WOW over 70 hours...
  5. Myaccounbanned


    Advertising on my site will be cheap because it doesnt really work in Firefox..YET. Prices are as Follows: Banner: 5 points= 2 weeks 8 points= 1 month 12 points= 2 months 32 points= 6 months 80 points=1 YEAR Text Links: 3 points= 2 weeks 7 points= 1 month 10 points=...
  6. Myaccounbanned

    Forum Banned

    H my real account is randomtr and I was banned on the forum. Can some1 tell me for how long I was banned? Thanks for your help! owner