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    SQL Database missing!

    I am on the Stoli server and I logged into my account to find out that the one SQL Database I had has disappeared. I would like an explanation if there is one. If more information is needed, I will give it. ---------- Post added 07-25-2010 at 09:21 AM ---------- Previous post was 07-24-2010...
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    whats your faverout online multyplayer game?

    At one time my favorite was Phantasy Star Online: Blue Burst. To be honest I had played that for years before as PSO V1 & V2 on the PC and Dreamcast. But the playability of PSO is one of intense repetition and can get boring quite quick. When Sega's retail servers stopped introducing new and...
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    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    Not in the UK, and wouldn't dream of selling it. I really couldn't live without it! I had found it at a consignment shop with a bunch of other stuff for $20 USD. The only thing I have extra is the Sega 32x attachment. Here's my latest find. $25 USD.
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    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    Of course I do. I have most of my consoles within easy reach. The ones I have hooked up all the time are my Dreamcast and my PS2.
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    Logo - 1,500 points

    What are the dimensions of the logo you wish to have made? Any possible backgrounds/renders you might like? Color scheme?
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    Console Collection (New + Retro)

    Currently I have.... 2 - Atari 2600's (4 & 6 switch) NES SNES Genesis Model 2 with Sega CD & 32x GBC GBA Sega Game Gear Sega Saturn Sega Dreamcast PSX & PS one PS2 Gamecube N64 I might of left something out....
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    Post your specs

    Motherboard: Asus M2A-VM CPU & Fan: AMD Phenom x4 9750 w/ Cooler Master Gemini II Fan/heatsink PSU: 500w RAM: 4gig dual channel 800Mhz DDR2 HDD: 1TB, 160GB, and 320GB(external) Graphic Card: Nvidia GeForce 9500 GT Monitors: 20" HP 2009m(widescreen) & 17" NEC 1760v OS: Win7
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    MySql Question

    Why is it so slow? I have a online test maker and it takes 30sec-1 minute to load pages. There are sometimes it only takes 10-15 seconds, which is still quite slow. Does it happen with anyone else? and If it does, would going to a paid plan speed it up any. Thanks, Michael
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    As I wait for my account to be processed, Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I am definitely looking forward to seeing how good this place is. Til later, Nixsdaddy