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    suggestion Java IDE (Linux)

    Yes, as [mission] suggested, Netbeans is easy to install and use. Ideal IDE for beginner. Eclipse is for more experienced programmers, IMHO.
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    cannot FTP to my account

    Hello, I can login to my account and forum, but unable to FTP to my site which is so can you help me on this? Btw, my old site data is all gone, but I have backup and am trying to upload it back. Kindly assist. Thank you very much in advance.
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    Actually logging into the forum gives good ideas and today i learn about 000webhosting thanks to you as4571. But you also have a point, that we have to remember to login, especially those (like me) who are not into any specific discussions here. Previously it was 2 weeks grace period and now...
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    I Love X10

    everybody loves X10 ... no one there is who does not love X10. For me, its the people here who share their views in a kind and constructive way. :)
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    I like the new look of the forums!

    I like the new look as it is sleek and loads really fast! With the X10 logo in to replace "Bulletin" name on top would suffice. The old version really took longer to load and darker ... this light look is great.
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    Backups and You

    Can refer to
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    Backups and You

    I also make a backup on my local hard disk of the website files, and edit them locally and test them before FTP them over to the website. But I am curious about your SVN tree and "commit" the changes to the the website - what is SVN and is there a form of code version control which is SVN? Sorry...
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    Upcoming Free Support Changes

    Yes, it is really a good idea to have the community support give a helping hand as at most times they would have also encountered the same problems before and it is a good way to give back. About the bad advice, I agree that it is not something serious, but it is always good to have a...
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    Upcoming Free Support Changes

    We can have a way for affected users to report helpers who have given them ill advice. This way, helpers will take all care to give proper and complete information, and also to remind users seeking help to make sure BACKUP things before taking action. This will also enhance the quality of...
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    Power of Wife.............

    hey, mebbe she is the mistress ... heehee! ;)
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    Do you know the truth of the conflict between israel and palestine ?

    I think Maximius was referring to me because I did sound a little too idealistic. I was just trying to focus on love and not on who is right or wrong, but perhaps I over did it and offended Maximius. There is this thing called Law of Attraction which states that whatever we focus our thoughts...
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    Name for a File sharing site

    1. - now available at $8.99 2. - also at $8.99 3. - short for in fileaccount 4. - sounds like file storage 5. - short for file keeper 6. - short for file bank 7. or...
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    PHP help

    Your main page works, which is the index.html at So you need to locate the "index.html" file and put all the other files in the same folder, such as your about.html, services.html and contact.html. The folder should be /public_html as...
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    Do you know the truth of the conflict between israel and palestine ?

    Maximius, are you referring to my post or the original post? I am sorry if I offended you with my postings. :(
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    Do you know the truth of the conflict between israel and palestine ?

    Thanks very much for replying my post and answering my queries GarretRoyce. I think we need more love in this world. Today, love is all about taking and not giving. We need to take pleasure in giving, in serving, and in humility. However, pride has given rise to judgement and thus fear...
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    15 year old gets chest waxed for charity!!!

    you mean, awareness of chest waxing? heehee! :)) actually it is not so funny in today's world because men are becoming more body conscious, and we hear things like brazilian waxing and metrosexuals .. so i guess hairlessness is becoming the quite common. gone are the days where woman like...
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    Do you know the truth of the conflict between israel and palestine ?

    Actually I am quite confused. Aren't all the people in Palestine and Israel belong to the same race? Only the religion is different, right? For example, in a family, one member can be buddhist, another member christian, and yet another muslim and so on - but all members are of a Chinese family...
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    15 year old gets chest waxed for charity!!!

    Its very strange way to get donation. Besides, what is the charity for? Only 2 people has contributed so far ... strange indeed! Thanks for sharing the strange news. :)
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    What is your Screensaver?

    mine too is to blank the screen, but also set the power options to turn-off monitor after 10mins of inactivity and also harddisk after 30mins of inactivity. Can save much on electricity and also lifespan of monitor and harddisk.
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    Adult Motion Pictures

    porn is sex and it is private issue, just like any other things we do in private, like going to the toilet or digging our nose, though some people dig their nose right in front of you. :eek4: it is essential part of life as that is what gives birth to new life. all creatures involve in it and...