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  1. XUnreal

    Funny IRC quotes

    Post all of your funny irc quotes in here. This is my funniest one: Ownage?
  2. XUnreal

    Windows Live Messenger 8 - Gone Public!!! LINK INSIDE!!!

    Half of you will think, ok another freakin virus. But this isnt, its legal, live, and here, right now!! Your probably saying, come on give us the freakin link!!! Fair enough, here it is: As far as I know, this is the first notice of Windows Live Messenger...
  3. XUnreal

    My last words at x10

    I just want to say what a great host you have been (especially for free) and now I am going to leave as I am now more busier than ever with work / homework etc. And I don't really have time to be poncing around on x10, now that I have unlimited hosting on ******* server :p And I anyone asks were...
  4. XUnreal

    Coolest Flash animation song ever!

    My mate found this out on the net. Its pretty cute and its hilarious, must watch! :)
  5. XUnreal

    [PHP] What is wrong with this code?

    I have had a problem trying to make a PHP Socket. The code is below: <?php error_reporting(E_ALL); /* Allow the script to hang around waiting for connections. */ set_time_limit(0); /* Turn on implicit output flushing so we see what we're getting * as it comes in. */ ob_implicit_flush()...
  6. XUnreal

    Auto PM or E-Mail feature

    Why dont you make it so then when someone posts a topic in the "News & Announcements" section everyone gets mass mailed or mass PM'd. Thanks in advance, - XUnreal. Note: Might be a bit of lag though when you post a topic lol, or kills the mail server :)
  7. XUnreal

    Reactivation email not working

    My link is not working: Please help me :( Thanks in advance.
  8. XUnreal

    Inactivity.... Wtf?

    I just got an email from, which sounds kinda suspicious but the email didn't have any links to any other site but I am a bit concerned from what it said: You have been suspended because of inactivity.You may reactive your account by going to the following link...
  9. XUnreal

    cPanel Password reset please

    Domain: Email: Reason: I cant log in to cPanel :|
  10. XUnreal

    Advertisement Problem

    I am currently making a VB.NET program called "XVirus", I am going to need to put advertisements on my updates page which is hosted by x10Hosting and It wont look very pretty, will I be able to remove the Adverts and place them on my program instead?
  11. XUnreal

    How do you live your life?

    How You Life Your Life You seem to be straight forward, but you keep a lot inside. You tend to avoid confrontation and stay away from sticky situations. You tend to have one best friend you hang with, as opposed to many aquaintences. You tend to dream big, but you worry that your dreams...
  12. XUnreal

    What is your pumpkin face?

    You Are A Scary Pumpkin Face You would make a good pumpkin and liver sandwich. What's Your Pumpkin Face?
  13. XUnreal

    [SUGGEST] PayPal type accounts in x10Hosting

    The think that would be great is a PayPal type point system on x10Hosting. So if you are doing Sig Space and you want 2 points per month, it will automaticaly go in to their account every month. Only a thought ;) Thanks in advance,
  14. XUnreal

    [OFF] Web design for sale

    This is my first web design. Ive called it tech03 it includes the PSD files for the header, shadows, everything. I designed it in Dreamweaver and it costs 30points, if it gets onto a high demand, I will lower the price. P.S: If you want, I will give you updates for the design.
  15. XUnreal

    [OFFER] Free* GMail Accounts

    The first 5 people who request can get as many as they want for free, then its a max. of 2 per person and 1 point for 1 (so 2 points for 2). I think an "OK" deal. But just reply to this post with your email and how much you want. Thanks in advance, - XUnreal.
  16. XUnreal

    [OFFER] Signature Advertising

    As I am going to start to be a "x10Hosting Wannabe" then I think I might start siggy advertising Cost: 1 Month (5 points) 2 Months (7 points) 3 Months (10 points) 5 Months (11 points) 10 Months (15 points) Just PM me or reply to this post with what you want there. Thanks in advance, - XUnreal
  17. XUnreal

    Adverts aint comin up

    For some weird reason my adverts arent coming up ( i dont know why. you can look at the source code, its there but its not showing.
  18. XUnreal

    Free G-Mail Account (100 INVITES) and Yahoo 360 (100 INVITES)

    I am offering 100 Free G-Mail accounts and 100 Yahoo! 360° accounts to anyone out there, you can have as much as you like but they are 1 point each. Just reply to this post with: For GMail: Your E-Mail address: I have gave you 1 point: true/false For Yahoo! 360°: Your...
  19. XUnreal

    Does your PC boot up slow? SOLUTION!!!

    Does your PC take long to boot up? Solution: 1. Goto your Control Panel (If on Windows XP goto step 1a, if not skip to step 2). 1a. Click on Switch to classic mode, which is on the left sidebar 2. Now goto Power Options, then click on hibernate. 3. You will now see a tick box saying Enable...