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    review my site

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    PSP and PS2

    The PSP is on hold. I will take $185 for the PS2 The transaction is over paypal, so there is both buyer and seller protection. I am a verified paypal user:
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    PSP and PS2

    It's Gaming. Edit: I'll take $250 for both.
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    PSP and PS2

    I have a used PSP for sale. It is the original version. Comes with the memory stick. Excellent condition. One game and one movie. Burnout Legends and Fun With Dick and Jane. Car charger included, no wall charger, which can be purchased at game stop for $8-14 $99, game, movie, and car...
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    css suggestions?

    I like 2 column version you posted. Personally, I like to keep my layouts under 800 pixels wide. I don't like websites that stretch with screen resolution, as they start to seem empty depending on how the page is laid out.
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    New web site layout.

    I agree. There is a lot of white on the page. The grays are extremely light, and I had to tilt my screen to see that there was a border going around the dates stuff was posted. It is a little too plain/simple.
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    Review my website - magician listings

    Please tell me what you think of my website. I designed it from scratch using css and html. Magicians For Hire
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    Review my website

    Wrong Forum. Oops
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    The Invisible Man Rowan Atkinson is hilarious!
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    Tee Shirts

    I just opened up my new tee shirt store. Thredz Tees: Funny, original and movie inspired tees. New shirts are constantly being added so check back often. Please let me know what you think, and if there are any designs you want to see available.
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    New Free Arcade, feedback wanted.

    I just opened a free arcade and would like feedback on it. How is the design, does it work good? Please tell me. If you like it sign up.
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    eHumor, entertainment dump. Beta I am asking for people to try out and beta test my new site, ehumor. This is a site like, but for entertainment links only. Please test it out and tell me what you think and if there are any problems.
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    Muffins Check out this video. It's so freakin funny.
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    The computer man This is a old commercial for an computer store. Kinda stupid. Enjoy
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    New Site - What do you think? Its an entertainment site, like ebaumsworld. What do you think? I update daily, so keep checking back.
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    Cool video editing They painted their skateboards green and removed them digitally. Pretty cool for those interested in video editing.
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    My new website.

    Please check out my new arcade website and tell me what you think. I have it so that you can even add games to your own website. Just copy the given codes.
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    Baby Panda Sneezes This is cute, you might enjoy it.
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    Looking for beta testers. New Video Site.

    I have added an all new feature to my website, eHumor. You can now upload your own videos just like on youtube, to a special section of eHumor. Please try it out and tell me what you think.
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    Looking for commentators.

    Hi, I'm looking for some commentators to go to my site and basically have fun. I am trying to make the interactive features of my website seem more active. If you have time and like entertainment/media sites, please go to and watch some videos, play games, look at pictures...