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    What are you playing now?
  2. steronius

    The Ctrl+V game
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    What Programming Language should I learn?

    Article: 5 Ways to Tell Which Programming Languages are Most Popular By Klint Finley
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    where did the computer & tech forum go?

    where did the computer & tech forum go?
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    Define MVC Framework

    Model-View-Controller. In programming you, have a "model" of your data-structures and functions. A "controller" that does binds them as a process or program, and an interface or "view" (GUI, command-line, API, etc) for human interaction . according to...
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    What was your first gaming machine or pc

    Tandy 1000. Christmas present when I was 15 yrs old. 20 Megabyte Hardrive purchased 2 years later for $700+ Games from Radio Shack / MS-DOS+BASIC and coding straight from print magazines, hell yeah! Those were the days, LMAO.
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    FTP Synchronizer

    try cobian backup also, ugly web, but nice software. free(donationware) i'm using the BETA 11 for AES encrypted 7zips.
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    VPN Suggestions

    hamachi2 (free version limits to 8 clients per "network") official hamachi2 Beta linux in labs
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    Which linux distribution is more stable?

    Don't forget, BSD is Unix. Although extremely similar unix is not linux and vice versa. Though NOT all-encompassing, this *may* assist in linux choice:
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    Apps ideas ( Best apps to get / use )

    You will find that you DO NOT use bandwidth even remotely like a computer. I've had my phone for almost a year, even after mega-play in the beginning, My Net Counter reports i've used 129MB via cell tower and 1.7GB via wireless TOTAL. A co-worker reported the same -- as a test he streamed...
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    How can i see flash on ipad?

    skyfire browser will convert "some" flash sites.
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    Apps ideas ( Best apps to get / use )

    Call Confirm Lookout GMail Unread Count (using the "old" version because free, no real issues for me) Labelert Timeriffic Barcode Scanner WiFi Analyzer Speed mobile Overlook Fing SwiFTP My Settings AutorunManager BKTaskManager Ks Uninstaller NetCounter Google Navigator Catch notes...
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    Switching to Unix - But some questions first.

    everyone has given you great feedback! I'd offer that since this is your first venture into "quitting" windows. You really should dual boot (download an iso and use your legitimate key to solve your not having a CD issue). I say this because you will undoubtedly need to do something real fast...
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    How do you bypass log in password (XP)? Bought used desktop purchase "as it is" ...

    Re: How do you bypass log in password (XP)? Bought used desktop purchase "as it is" .
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    Ubuntu Users Unite!

    purge unity and new scroll: sudo aptitude purge libunity-misc0 unity unity-asset-pool unity-common unity-place-applications unity-place-files liboverlay-scrollbar-* fix compiz: ccsm
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    ATI/AMD Graphics or Nvidia

    I used to prefer ATI, but no longer. I prefer NVIDIA due to linux compatibilities. However, I understand ATI's are faster at integer math for such things as bitcoin mining.
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    How do you retrieve files, documents from a laptop HD.

    this or equivalent should work for a temporary connection.
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    Does anybody know a good tutorial for installing Ubuntu on a PC with Windows 7?

    When you install, there should be something that shows "Unused Space" or "Unallocated Space" install to that only. Also, grub will see your windows partition just fine and you can dual boot; however, i did read that there is some windows update that corrupts the grub2 boot loader and then...
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    ETA on read only ?

    is there any ETA on the read-only fix? is is a migration failure or a freeze until complete? should the old server be brought back up until the migration issue is resolved?
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    Zotac ZBox

    Does anyone have experience with the Zotac ZBox's? I'm wondering what type of performance they have. My current rig is a p4 2gb p4 w/ HT running ubuntu 10.10. I do consider myself a power user and generally like speed, but i'm finding myself doing...