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    eletar dominio errado na digitação

    Request must be made in English.
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    Resolved Account suspended

    The instructions for what actions to take are posted just above your thread.
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    You must have a valid web site on-line, using 75% of present space and meeting Terms of Service.
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    Where can I manage my DNS information?

    Look under Account Management on the Dashboard.
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    cPanel won't open

    The "Sticky Notes" section is at the top of this page, just above "Normal Notes". Most are highlighted with yellow.
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    cPanel won't open

    Read the "Sticky Note" on this page concerning the issue.
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    back again

    Read the "Sticky Note" on this page concerning the present problem.
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    DA Password Guidelines

    What are the DA Guidelines for a password?
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    Can't access my C-Panel

    You are blacklisted due to too many attempts to log in.
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    cPanel won't open

    I'll join the throng that is unable to log in to cPanel. Server x13.
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    cPanel won't open

    After you have signed in and the tab for c-Panel appears you will see a tab "Quidk FTP" below your name. Clicking on this tab shows the info you need for FTP, among the info is your server name.
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    Hi emergency this is Patty, how do I logg into face book

    Create a new Facebook page and be sure to write down ALL information in a notebook and keep the notebook in a safe place. Maintain a backup file on your computer.
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    Hi emergency this is Patty, how do I logg into face book

    This is not a Facebook site. I would recommend you go to a Facebook Help page or a Facebook blog.
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    Resolved How to update my WordPress sites to using https?

    I'm no expert but Direct Admin does not support https: Do do this you will have to use Cloudflare in conjunction with x10.
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    Resolved is x13 is down?

    I am on x13 and I have just been to my site, no problem.
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    Resolved Max # Sub Domain, Db, email, etc.

    When you open your Direct Admin page after logging in, the Direct Admin Dashboard is the first to appear. Across the top of this page is a series of tabs; when you mouse-over each tab a drop-down menu will appear, you can click on each item to see what is available for you.
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    Resolved Website cant be reached

    Your link opens fine for me.
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    Resolved Website editing post migration to Direct Admin

    There are several free open source WYSIWYG programs available. You can Google them and read-up on those available.
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    Login Issue: Country

    For security reasons, you are limited to signing in from the country in which you developed your account.
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    Where do you find which server you are on?