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  1. zeldaprajihd45

    MX records don't allow recieving email in google apps

    I tried with all the combinations I came up with to no avail
  2. zeldaprajihd45

    Anyone knows Illinois state law regarding consumer protection

    just curious and have a couple pople that posted fake ads which i hate and wanted them to remove them so this is great
  3. zeldaprajihd45

    What are the dns name servers for x10hosting????? PLEASE HELP Please remember to search before reviving dinosaurs
  4. zeldaprajihd45

    suspension de cuenta?

    Usted necesita entrar a el foro cada treinta dias si usted no lo hace se suspende su cuenta por inactividad
  5. zeldaprajihd45

    Anyone knows Illinois state law regarding consumer protection

    I wonder wether a free service can indeed publisise falsly
  6. zeldaprajihd45

    Please destroy/ nuke my account

    If you could be so kind as to erase my account and use gutman to erase the files i would be very happy I already have made all the backups needed and know that once you erase them they are gone for good
  7. zeldaprajihd45

    Please explain my downgrade

    I recently noticed that my adfree infinity plan no longer has unmetered disk space, any MySQL databases, etc. Here is a screen shot of the place where it say adfree infinity. Now is this going to be like that for long? If it is it will be disapointing:frown::confused::confused::confused:
  8. zeldaprajihd45

    Gmail Vs. Others

    Well I like google apps best it is gmail with your domain name instead of @gmail you get where is your domain
  9. zeldaprajihd45

    Link exchange - Rewards, codes and recipes? general forums
  10. zeldaprajihd45

    Game: Ban the Person above you!!!!!!!!!!!

    I ban Jesse for having a ex-gf name
  11. zeldaprajihd45

    300 short cuts of Windows XP

    This reminds me of a moto my programing teacher used "The true hacker doesn't need or use a mouse"
  12. zeldaprajihd45

    Who Here Grabbed Windows 7?

    Well MAC OSX is cool but my personal favorite is Xubuntu it has more features including reliability compatibility safety and of course totally open code.
  13. zeldaprajihd45

    Hello World!

    Hello welcome to the familly.
  14. zeldaprajihd45

    Death Penalty

    Well because your whole argument was based on how expensive it is to keep people in jail but indeed hospital are more expensive and insurance companies have a limit on how much they pay.
  15. zeldaprajihd45

    What is your favorite Songs/Artists?

    I like Shakira a lot she sings cool songs I like her songs in spanish better but I guess it is just because Spanish is vernacular to me. Coldplay brings very good memories too.
  16. zeldaprajihd45

    Conspiracies -argue your butt of Here there is a forum to argue/ comment on many topics
  17. zeldaprajihd45


    Welcome to the Familly Feel free to contact me if you want to know about how this works I'm getting started too but know many useful things for newcomers DANNY
  18. zeldaprajihd45

    Death Penalty

    So is euthanasia right when applied to people whose families aren't wealthy enough to pay the bill?
  19. zeldaprajihd45

    911 (murdered by the government)

    So steel balls found there are falacies. Even though everyone knows how logical it is for burning kerosene to melt iron as found in planes.
  20. zeldaprajihd45

    If someone drunk driving kills someone should they be made responsible?

    I think the real culprit is the place that lets someone who drinks drive. Since someone who is wasted doesn't exactly have common sense or good driving practices.