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    Delete free web host account

    I want to delete my current free account and create a new one using a different subdomain. Can I register again using the same contact details I'm currently using right now?
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    Is file host link checker script allowed?

    The script will not be linking any warez and adult contents. The purpose is similar to this script: Once I installed that script on my browser, it will automatically check links from supported file hosts on a web page. The page will then be modified...
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    Is file host link checker script allowed?

    Hi guys, I am planning to make a bookmarklet that can check links from file, image, and possibly video hosts for availability. From what I have read, I may have to create a script on my site. Something like this one...
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    Is there a way to blacklist MAC addresses?

    It's very hard to stick to the mentality that IP address directly links to a person; it's not. ISP's use dynamic IP address and it means one household can obtain different IP address just be resetting the modem. You're best bet, I think, is to compare the IP to a known list of proxies and block...
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    binary to computer number systems

    See the image for my own explanation.
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    Which linux distribution is more stable?

    I suggest you read this complete guide:
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    Switching to Unix - But some questions first.

    As I've said earlier, your best bet for OS is Ubuntu (forgot to mention it's an OS). It's intended for beginners like you. I recommend it because it's the one I have used before in my first start on linux. There may be other OS you might like. It all depends on you. Lifehacker made a complete...
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    Switching to Unix - But some questions first.

    Running Windows games on linux is not an easy task. Games with anti-hacking tools, like GameGuard or HackShield, can't run. If you want to try experimenting, start reading here. Start with the free one, PlayOnLinux (frontend of Wine). However, only Sims 3 is currently supported by PlayOnLinux. I...
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    Add Softaculous

    I'm a free user and it's present on my panel. Don't you have it?
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    How to point my x10hosting url

    Instructions here:
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    Deleting corrupted files?

    Have you tried deleting them in Safe Mode? If not, try it. If it still doesn't work, try these two options: A: Open command prompt Cd to the drive/directory where the corrupted files are located Type "del *.*" without quotes B. End the process named explorer.exe via task manager...
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    Great hosting. and a suggestion.

    I have an Acer Aspire One netbook (10" screen). I don't have any problems logging in forums and cPanel. Here is one screenshot: P.S. I can't post a screenshot of cPanel. I guess it's down.
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    The best site I ever Surfed!

    The best site for me is There are plenty of tech tips on that site. But it doesn't stop there. There are also DIY's, food hacks, psychology, etc. - basically about life. I get new useful information in there regarding several topics - makes me a better person. One thing...
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    how to add domain again in x10hosting??

    X10Hosting gives you a free subdomain. Something like <name> You are not required to add another domain to have your website up. You already have the one when you signed up. Domains are usually bought. If you want free, there is But if you have a domain and wish to add it to...
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    Count to 10

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    The Tabgame Just reading news.
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    Starka DDoS Attack

    I have seen a discussion of a forum that is requesting to take this website down. His x10 account was suspended and requested to take revenge. I have a few important information to tell but I think it wouldn't be good if I post it here. Should I pm admins about this?
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    December Giveaway Winners (Pending Verification)

    Congrats to the winners. Better luck next time for others, including me.
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    Welcome! X10hosting is great!
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    Error: email forwarder

    Hello, I have a php script for adding email forwarders. It used to work before. Now it gives me a message that the page is temporarily unavailable. I don't think this is a problem with the script because the only thing that I changed was the cPanel password. Below is taken from error_log...