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  1. motogawa

    Can anyone give me a help to connect to databases via ODBC thing

    Here's a good reference that you can use.
  2. motogawa

    PHP socket functions?

    I would check your permissions or it might just be blocked on the SS(Server Side) so I'd probably ask the host.
  3. motogawa

    Corey Got married!!

    D'Awwww thats good to hear. Good luck to ya! I know I haven't been around lately but still miss working with you Corey. Again good luck and maybe we can work again one day!
  4. motogawa

    Vox server down

    The server is down on the vox server has any body said anything about this :P!
  5. motogawa

    php login system help...

    Maybe this would help.... Original elseif (mysql_fetch_object($adminresult) == 1){ include "adminpage.html"; }else{ include "form.html"; } New elseif (mysql_num_rows($adminresult) == 1){ include "adminpage.html"; }else{ include "form.html"; }
  6. motogawa

    php login system help...

    Some simple problems can come out of certain places such as things like '$variable' the ('') quotations will not read the variable for this you can follow this of your code below! <?php include 'config.php'; include 'opendb.php'; mysql_select_db($dbname) or die(mysql_error()); $email =...
  7. motogawa

    Server not found.....

    Hmmm well I don't know whats happening but I cant access my site at all.. nor others hmm are they doing updates or something lol... hmm maybe a small problem who knows.. umm well if you need it. subdomain : cpanelusername : yparadis package : corp.
  8. motogawa

    Prettiest Japanese Singer / Group

    Ooookkk I got bored so I just decided to do this so lets vote on who is the prettiest japanse singer out !!. Namie Amuro : Koda Kumi : Hikaru Utada : Bonnie Pink : Sexy 8 : Hitomi Shimatani : Hitomi Yaida :
  9. motogawa

    [OFF] Final Fantasy 7 AC Layout

    Well ummm though I would auction this off once it was pretty much in order I was actually gonna make a control panel for this but that would have been too much work sorry >.<. So this just contains the basic index page, css and a english lanauge file with instructions. Plus you also recieve the...
  10. motogawa

    Your opinion ?

    Just a basic question on what you think of my site in progress which ill eventually be throwing into the auction area of the x10 forum for people to bid on at all. For now its just in the beta stage while I continue to code the php code and all.... and the site when fully done will be user...
  11. motogawa


    I wonder if anyone still remembers Sega™ Dreamcast lol. It was the coolest thing out when ...well I dont exactly remember the graphics were pretty cool and all so were the games. In this case dead or alive. A pretty cool fighting game at the much lol filled with beautiful women. If only...