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    I have an announcement to make...

    How much?
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    Logical Fallacies and Constructing a Good Argument

    Re: How to construct a good argument I'm confuse :-P loooool
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    acount suspend

    again..... my acount is suspended.... why my god? x10hosting is a cool host, but we have much work.....
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    Did I join at a bad time?

    bad time for me too... :S
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    Hi everyone!

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    Do you watch lost?

    the first season sare great, but lost lose their magic.... now are boooring....
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    addondomain Suspension

    be wellcome :-P
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    Do you watch anime?

    sorry, but i´m not a child :-P
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    50 dolares gratis para tu cuenta paypal

    si, es verdade... ja os tiengo in mi conta :p
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    Forum Activation Email

    contact x10hosting suport...
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    What do you hate?

    house M.D. :p
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    Promisance renew

    this ir a good idea... and you have many people work in the game... i work alone, php only... lol
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    Accepting online donations - how?

    for mobile payment use onebip or daopay
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    I can save images im my data base?

    lol... I save only a link in my DB to, but I want to learn the other way :-)
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    Transparent png's?

    you are realy fuuny..... lol
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    Do you believe in God?

    yah... very nice story..... i belive sometimes in god.... sometimes God does not believe in us....
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    yah... this is the problem.... i work with vista and Mandriva 2009, and linux have the same problem.... the major sofweare only work on pc... like we say in Portugal: É o monopolio bill gates :-)
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    3ds max vs maya.

    and Blender, is better?