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    acount suspend

    again..... my acount is suspended.... why my god? x10hosting is a cool host, but we have much work.....
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    what the best web language?

    for me PHP..... and for you?
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    I can save images im my data base?

    can i save pictures direct in my db? how?
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    pass cpanel

    change my pass from cpnel... how many time take x10 to complete this operation? i´m desesperated :mad::mad:
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    I want to buy a notbook, but i don´t know waht is the best.... my american friends say mac, but here in portugal mac are to samall.... what you say?
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    Promisance renew

    in the last months i try to creat a game basead in promisance.... is in the final stage.... You think that a game like this is go triunf in web?