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    To Give Up Illuminated: Want My Money Back.... What should I do???

    Hi for all...... Sorry everyone for this post....... I’m on Free x10Hosting since APR/2010, but now, after change to the Illuminated Plan the problems were greater. Those years I had some problems with Free Plan.... Unfortunately after the problems with the Illuminated Plan, I want to give...
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    Problems with Illuminated

    I'm having problems with Illuminated........ In I received a mail from x10hosting saying: "Your hosting account tomson has been successfully upgraded to our Illuminated service." In my first ticket, #12395, Ryan Schmidt didnt answer me one question: The URL in cPanel will be...
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    Changed Free Hosting to Illuminated - Whats now???

    Hi. I'm from Brazil and I dont speak English very well, sorry.... I upgraded free hosting to illuminated - pay $60 by PayPal. So, do I need to do something or ask something for anyone??? Or my account it's now illuminated??? How do I check in cPanel if I'm on illuminated plan???? Sorry for...
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    cPanel login failed

    cPanel username: tomson Server:Starka Send any new password for my mail (I can not send a Private Messsage to HellSheep - unauthorized for me - I dont know why)