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  1. anamik.maju44

    Have you played Resident Evil 4 Game?

    Hello, Have you played Resident Evil 4 game. What do you think about this game? Please give some tips which might be helpful for me. How many levels are there in this game?
  2. anamik.maju44

    Default Web Site Page and 404 Error

    Hi!I am facing a problem opening my website. When I am going to open my site it is redirected to X10hosting Default Web Site page. I have logged in to my Cpanel and I have opened file manager. All files are present but inspite of the presence of all website files, my site is always getting...
  3. anamik.maju44

    Thanks X10hosting, You are Great!

    Hi! X10hosting, I am continuously using this free hosting service for nearly 1 year and I have never experienced any problem. You have provided me really a good web hosting service. My website is up and running because of you. Many many thanks to X10hosting. YOU ARE GREAT!!!
  4. anamik.maju44

    Free download my new game!

    Hi!I want to inform you about my new game. I have created this game which was published on website. If you are interested to download the game, World's Crisis : The world in danger, then click on the link below:- If you want to see all...
  5. anamik.maju44

    What keywords are important for a games website to rank in top pages of google?

    Hi!I have created a game site but I don't know the appropriate keywords that is to be added to my website. Can you mention some keywords related to games that may help my site to rank in top pages of google? Please reply this post.My website-
  6. anamik.maju44

    How is my site looks right now? Please tell me.

    Hi!I have redesigned my website. Please tell me, how my site looks right now? This is my site that is based on PC games especially. I have tried my best to create these games that you can see. Click on the link below to visit my site, Please give me some...
  7. anamik.maju44

    a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]file error - _calen

    Hi! I am having problem in stoli, 1.My file manager is not working correctly. When I click on the file manager, the file manager open but on the top it says, [a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]file error - _calendar.tmpl: not found Do you know anything about it...
  8. anamik.maju44

    How is my new game website? Please tell me.

    I have created a new games website where everyone can download the full version games for free. There is nothing to buy in my site and all the games are free to download. Please tell my how is the design of my website and please tell me how can I put a sign up system in my website? Is there any...
  9. anamik.maju44

    My new website has been changed!

    I want to tell you that my website has been changed. This website contains all the games which are available for free download(FULL VERSION GAMES). A new forum of amaxang-games has been created today. Please register for a free forum account and you can also...
  10. anamik.maju44

    New game of 2011 is available, World's Crisis, Download full version now!

    Hi. I have released a new game. World's Crisis - The World In Danger. This is the new FPS game created on 18th October,2011. Download the full version game now. You can see the screenshots of this game. i hope you will like it. Please comment on this game. DOWNLOAD LINK -------...
  11. anamik.maju44

    A great new game is available! download free full version!

    Hi. I want to tell you that there is also another cool new game. This game is like controlling your fighters and to destroy the enemy buildings.Just visit the site and download the FULL VERSION NOW! Please POST COMMENTS AFTER YOU PLAY THE GAME. DOWNLOAD NOW! HERE IS THE LINK --------...
  12. anamik.maju44

    HIDE- KILL THEM ALL(FPS GAME) available created in 2011. Download full version.

    Hi. I had posted a game site which gives full version games for free. It has released a new game named HIDE-Kill Them All - follow this link to download the game. ---- WEBSITE LINK - - DOWNLOAD THIS FULL VERSION GAME FOR FREE NOW!
  13. anamik.maju44

    New games of this year 2011. Check this site now!

    Hi. I want to tell you about a games website where you can find new games created in this year. You can find over 20 games in this site. This is the new website created in 2011. They are giving their full version games for free. Check this website now! WEBSITE ADDRESS---...
  14. anamik.maju44

    Free make money from 33bux (only $3 payout) ptc site

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  15. anamik.maju44

    Make money from the Stage Bux ptc site ($1 payout) NO INVESTMENT

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