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  1. frznmnky

    Advertise on - 5-6K Unique Visitors Daily

    We have a couple of options of where you can advertise and they all have a corresponding price: Site: Check Our Stats: Price: $2 Each Per Month Content: Text Link on the bottom of every page Type: Not Rotated Spots Left: 8...
  2. frznmnky

    100 Creds in 3 Easy steps

    Hey, I am offering 100 credits for anyone who will download and install my toolbar. It is powered by Conduit (so its secure and does not contain any spyware and such) Here is how to earn in 3 easy steps: 1) Download/install the toolbar from 2) Post a...
  3. frznmnky

    20 Creds to download a 4MB file

    Earn the quickest 20 credits ever. Payout: 20 Credits File to download: All you need to do is download this file, and after you have downloaded it post here and I will send you 20 creds. ONLY 1 DOWNLOAD PER MEMBER.
  4. frznmnky

    x10Hosting Domain Thing

    Hey I won the 1st prize (1 free domain) in the newsletter contest, its been 2 weeks since i won it and i still have not got it. Regards frznmnky
  5. frznmnky Thank you for checking out the topic. KeyTraderz is a friendly Gaming/Key Trading community that's looking for new members, we're a friendly community with a nice staff, skilled gamers and tons of resources. KeyTraderz has changed 90%, it no longer uses...
  6. frznmnky


    ** If you register on you can get free Keys.. How to Register: (Go to 1neSolution Then click "Register"... Then activate your account via email and start posting. When you have registered and posted at least 25 good posts then...
  7. frznmnky

    [OFF][Upto 3000creds] Make Easy Credits

    Hi, here is how you can make credits easily! So lets get started.... 1. Register on my site: You will get paid 10 credits just for registering on my site, You can register here: 2. Post in my forums: Once you have registered you may post in the forums, I will pay you 5...
  8. frznmnky

    Check out my site

    Click the banner or go to We also have a 100tick 24 Player Counter-Strike Source server. Check out my site and post reviews please!
  9. frznmnky

    [OFFER]15 Creds for Registering!

    Click the banner or go to **After registering post your username here and I will send you the creds!
  10. frznmnky

    WIN 32GB iPod Touch on my SITE!

    The staff on my site is running a contest for a 32GB iPod Touch. Register and check it out! Click the banner or go to
  11. frznmnky

    [OFFER] Get creds to look

    Well since I have updated my site to a new look, there are bound to be some mistakes. So what I am offering is for you guys to look around on my site and find any spelling, or script errors. And I will give you credits for them. For Spelling error: 5 creds For Script error: 10 creds SITE...
  12. frznmnky

    [OFFER] Get credits just to Register

    [OFF] Get credits just to Register [5 Creds] (NO Validation Required) **This is not a forum registration so it only asks you about 4 things and you are done. (NO validation required) Register on my site and receive 5 credits. All you have to do it go to and register an...
  13. frznmnky

    New Look, Same Coolness

    Well I finally updated the look of my site. Now im using a new script, with more options. Hopefully you guys like it!! SITE:
  14. frznmnky

    Ads in PHP

    Hey i have a php file that load wen u first visit my site, and everytime i put the ad code in the file it gives me error.. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting ',' or ';' in /home/****/public_html/****/****.php on line 45 how can i put the x10 ad code in...
  15. frznmnky

    Check out my 2 sites..

    hey check out my 2 sites.. and hit me up wit some comments/suggestion.. anythign.. Edit: any suggestions?
  16. frznmnky

    Need to remove parked domain...

    I am tryin to remove one of the parked domains from my cpanel and it keeps telling me that i cant... Error from park wrapper: Sorry, you do not control the domain ^^^^ Keep getting that error.. can anyone help!!
  17. frznmnky

    What do you think of this!

    I am about to buy a laptop, i prefer Windows so i have decided on this check it out and let me know wat u think of it!
  18. frznmnky

    [Strong Hearts Only] Do not TEXT/SMS while you drive!

    Delete this plz!
  19. frznmnky

    x10 Additional services

    I was just reading about the x10 additional services and i was confused by when it says you get forum points per month on this page
  20. frznmnky

    How to protect images without htaccess using PHP

    On numerous occassions I have been asked how to serve images from a non-web accessible directory. A lot of sites now a days sell content and with the latest in php technologies like sessions and such, people like to use session management and authentication on their websites, without using...