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  1. phuketmeditation

    Chopin and Stoli, Two sites down - urgent!

    Dear everybody, I am desperately looking for help since several days but no one responds... I have a page on Chopin: Its down with a 500 internal server error - please fix this asap. It has been down for way too long. Another page on Stoli...
  2. phuketmeditation

    Chopin Database Issues

    Dear support, My page has some issues with the database. And instead of the page we see a very nice: "No valid database connection MySQL server has gone away SQL=SELECT id, title, module, position, content, showtitle, control, params FROM jos_modules AS m LEFT JOIN...
  3. phuketmeditation

    Database Error: Unable to connect to the database:Could not connect to MySQL

    Hi All, Page is down. Mysql Error. Please kindly fix this issue. I am not on Fris so I write. Best regards
  4. phuketmeditation

    My site is loading without an end

    Dear Support, My page ( is loading until it stops and the sign "connection interrupted" appears. Yesterday everything was fine. My settings are working perfectly fine and I didn`t change a thing. My page is a joomla page. Sometimes it loads and then if I try to...
  5. phuketmeditation

    Could it be that X10servers don`t like Joomla?

    Dear Support and Everybody, Me and two of my friends at x10hosting have the same issues. We are all managing our pages with Joomla CMS. Once we log in to our backend, loading doesn`t stop and everything freezes. After that, the page doesn`t show up anymore as well. The three URLs...
  6. phuketmeditation

    Page not loading anymore

    Dear support, Please have a quick look at my page. Its not loading since about three or more days. Whats wrong with this? Best regards Tobi
  7. phuketmeditation

    Problems with the support

    Hi there, Yes its me again... :happysad: I just wanted to ask how long it usually takes for the support staff to answer support tickets. I remember some months ago it really was a fast and reliable help within only a very short timeframe. Now it all seems to be very slowly. I need an account...
  8. phuketmeditation

    Login attempt failed!

    Hi everybody, I am in desperate need of my page which is down now since 7 days and since the changes x10hosting has made to "chopin" server. (My page is A short list of my problems Cannot log in to my CPanel. Changing password doesn`t help as well. Error...
  9. phuketmeditation

    Chopin Issues

    Dear Support, After waiting patiently and reading the news for 5 (!) days, my Server Chopin is supposed to be running and online by now (read it in the support section). But my page still isn`t online. My business is relying on this page and I really hope that after...
  10. phuketmeditation

    Page is loading terribly slow since about two days

    Hi there, Happy new year 2010 to everybody first of all :) My page is loading awfully slow since about two days. Is that normal? Could you kindly give me some advise? Are you working at the servers or is it me? Best regards Tobi
  11. phuketmeditation

    Database erased

    Hi, I guess I need your help. My whole Database was erased between yesterday and today. Why can something like this happen??? Kind regards and thanks for the help inn advance...
  12. phuketmeditation


    Hi Everybody, If you like meditation and Thailand, let me invite you to visit our newly opened meditation center in Phuket. Check our page at http// of course hostet on x10 :). We are based in Phuket. So maybe you want to come by for a meditation or two? Let us know...
  13. phuketmeditation

    Hi everybody

    Hi there, Our name is Tobi and Parn and we are setting up a company on Phuket Island in Thailand. It`s called "Phuket Meditation" and we will teach meditation around here. I lived in a tibetan monastery for about 7 years and now I want to do something, so this time will be of benefit for others...