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  1. Spyder2986

    Account Help!

    I need a hosting account reset. Username: spyder Why? It's showing incorrect account details. SQL Databases 1/3 when I'm using none Email Accounts 4/5 when I'm using none Thanks!
  2. Spyder2986

    Joomla Error Code Help

    Does anybody know why I get this error when trying to post a new article in Joomla?
  3. Spyder2986

    FTP Down? [Absolut]

    I'm getting the following error on FileZilla: Connection attempt failed with "ECONNREFUSED - Connection refused by server". I checked the server status on cPanel and this is what I see: "ftpd failed" It's been like this all day. Thanks!
  4. Spyder2986


    Hello! Just dropping in to say hi to all x10members!