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  1. kaitia

    Music Managers

    It's time once again to find the alternative to Apple's wonderful products. Apple does a great job when creating a product that is reliable and performs well. However, I don't want to be locked into their world. So, I am looking for an alternative to iTunes. Current List of tested products...
  2. kaitia

    PMP - MP3 Players

    Hey there folks, In the world of technology it seems that Apple has got a pretty good market. However, I am sick of their so called wonderful iPod. I have been researching many other alternatives to the iPod and there seems to be an abundance of PMP (Personal Music Players) that top the iPod...
  3. kaitia

    Licking down directories

    Hey there folks, I am trying to figure out how to prevent users from accessing a directory but at the same time viewing photos from the directory (via a webpage). I tried using the cPanel functions but the lockdown feature does not work (at least for me). I tried creating a directory outside...
  4. kaitia

    Streaming Audio

    Aloha folks, I am been wrestling with this concept for a while now. I have a mp3 that I would like users to be able to listen to. However, I don't want them to be able to download the file. From my research, I've found that we should be using the object tag since embed is depricated...
  5. kaitia

    New User

    Aloha Folks, I'm a map maker from Portland, OR. However, over the past couple of years I've been working with internet mapping applications using PHP, JavaScritp and HTML. We are currently using MapServer and I'm hooked on this PHP stuff. Looking forward to utilizing the tools provided from...