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  1. Livewire

    Starka and stoli - resolved

    Quick heads up to everyone on Starka and Stoli - about 60-80 minutes ago, Starka and Stoli both locked up and required emergency reboots to get them unstuck. After the reboot, neither was able to connect to the storage network we use to store all the user files - we were able to get Starka to...
  2. Livewire

    Starka Issues

    Starka is currently having some rather large problems as anyone on that server has probably figured out by now. Admins have been notified and we are awaiting a fix. As far as I can tell, the files look to be okay for the moment - the problem seems to be that Starka has rendered itself...
  3. Livewire

    Holy gosh willigers this is a test!

    Yeah it's a test, don't panic like I did.
  4. Livewire

    Stoli and Chopin

    Stoli and Chopin both have apparently locked up and stopped responding; staff have been notified to try and retrieve the cause and repair it. We don't have an ETA on the fix at the moment, but we'll get it fixed as soon as is humanly possible. Thanks!
  5. Livewire

    Non-referral links required

    In an effort to stem the tide of infractions and deleted topics I've been having to hand down in this section, I'm splitting out Rule #2 from the rules into its own thread. I will make this quite clear right here and now. If you post a referral link and fail to post a non-referral link with...
  6. Livewire

    READ THIS NOW: This is not a support area.

    If you are not posting tutorials, this is not the correct area. If you need help, either post in Free Hosting if it's a problem with the account, or if it's a problem with a script post in Scripts & 3rd Party Apps. If you post a support request here, it will be DELETED. Repeated offenses will...
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    Blank suspension reason? READ THIS FIRST.

    Since it's been happening a lot lately, I'm going to do what I can to help make it easy on the rest of our advocates and staff. If your suspension reason is blank, we apologize. Our illegal file scanner (which scans for proxies, nulled vB, phishing sites, spamming tools, etc.) is currently...
  8. Livewire

    Need help TV shopping.

    Thinking it's time to upgrade my tv - I'm still using one with the old RCA inputs. I'm trying to figure out a few different things, so consider me a complete Newbie on this stuff. I know it depends on what I'd be using it for, so in short, combination Gaming and TV/Movies. Mostly TV/Movies...
  9. Livewire

    Ban Hidden Links In Earning Money

    Earlier today I reported a post for having a hidden referral link (hidden behind a TinyURL link). Out of curiosity, what logical reason is there for allowing hidden links in earning money to begin with, whether they're referrals or not? We're not all grownups and there's no way through TinyURL...
  10. Livewire

    SMART Questions (HDD's)

    So earlier today I heard one of my hdd's cycle down then spin back up; I've since ran some varying apps that do some SMART checking, but I have some questions cause I'm all of a sudden concerned. I originally thought it was my 120gb dying (it apparently says 60% health in one app, however the...
  11. Livewire

    Vista Media Center Recording

    Pretty sure this is the right place, regardless I'm having problems getting my google searches to explain the part I actually need the answer on: I've got Windows Media Center and a new TIVO card, MC's recording things on a schedule quite well. Here's the question - I know it's the Media...
  12. Livewire


    Anyone else do this? I found x10's team from back in 2008 here: Ended up joining the team and beating out everyone in one night - F@H added a "GPU2" client at some point, and from my own experiences it beats out their...
  13. Livewire

    PC Building help...Again (no really, maybe I'll actually build it this time)

    K so anyone who remembers my old topic about this, basically void it from memory cause nothing matches anymore. Like how it usually goes, life intervened and I still dun have the cash for a new pc (for about a week and a half - PAYDAY!) Here's the interesting part. I recently discovered that...
  14. Livewire

    Need a bit of PC building help. (Repost, see first paragraph)

    Last night the server kicked back a Database Error just after trying to post this, hence why the last topic I had was empty >_< I had a feeling it might do that after it was taking over a minute to load though, so I saved the contents of the post - still need help on it >_< Original Post...
  15. Livewire

    Real Life Painting Help (this seemed like the best shot at getting help)

    Not really sure if there _is_ a spot for this, just kinda hoping that since it's the Graphics forum someone'll have either tried what I'm asking about, or will know what needs to be done. K, short prequel - I'm building an arcade style joystick setup similar to the Dual Joystick from x-arcade...
  16. Livewire

    SOLVED: ATI Catalyst + DirectShow + Clone?

    K, see if you can follow me on this. I've got a tv, and right now, it's set up to clone what the monitor sees. That parts working just fine, except for pretty much every DVD Player I've thrown at it - none of the dvd players are cloning properly. They show on the main monitor, but not on...
  17. Livewire

    Possible way to temporarilly curb some of the posts lately.

    From what I'm gathering from a bunch of posts, when attempting to log into the account manager, it seems the error message says something like "Although you logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account information. Please post on the forums to get support for this issue."...
  18. Livewire

    Another confuzzling question.

    Ok, so I doubt anyone remembers my previous topic about TV's and PC's (any way to make the output clearer on a tv). If you happen to, FORGET IT. This is similar but doesn't involve a TV. So, I'm thinking of building a table-top arcade cabinet (google around a bit, you'll find something like...
  19. Livewire

    Am I Insane?

    K, I need some help determining if I'm sane or not based off of something I did about...*checks watch*...30 minutes or so ago. See, I saw this on Troll and Toad: (yes, I'm making you click it, cause it's almost impossible to describe without...
  20. Livewire

    Let's just confuzzle me up some more - TV and PC's.

    Goes here for sure cause I'm looking at the hardware itself. Ok, minor bit of background. My pc has an AV out for a TV (you know, the yellow-white-red plugs; card's got the yellow for video, and I've got an audio splitter that takes a headphone jack and makes it red-white plugs, so that's...