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    Change domain error!

    Hosting Domain Modification submitted April 17 at 6:23 am qPenLwmMlszZ action status Error information A change to your hosting account's primary domain. result A system error occurred while processing this action. Error Code: 1E9F63B0 i wanted to change my domain from...
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    Question: Can we change from one server to another?

    First of all... I want to greet you happy day... My question is can we change servers???? I'm having a free hosting plan example my server is starka.x10 .... but i think it is still down.... and i want to change from starka to another server... are the other servers down too...
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    Why i can't open my website's url???

    sometimes... i can't open my site's url..... when i type my website url on the address bar and then press enter... it will load slowly as in very slow!!!!! and after few seconds "Page Load Error" phrase appear.... i have no idea what is happening to my site... is it with my pc's...
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    Login Page

    guys i want to know how to create a log-in page using php codes.... a log-in page which will be looked like a registration page but only requires user-name and password.... and when they type a user-name and password.... the information they typed will be send to sql database