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    Keyword Research Tool Without Monthly Fees.

    Hi, I am offering a great tool for keyword research. If you doing your SEO on your own this tool will help you spice things up, I can't say too much good things about this tool. You've got to see it for yourself. You can get your full list of long tail keywords in virtually mins. If...
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    Account has been Hacked and Files Deleted from server.

    Hi Dudes, It has been a very depressing week as my website has been hacked and apparently they have deleted all my files from the server. I not sure how I can avoid or prevent this in the future, so I want to seek some advice from everyone here on x10hosting forums. I really would appreciate...
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    How can I secure my website?

    Hi Guys, Recently there are some fu*king hackers hacked into my sites, in fact all of them are down now... I don't really know what I have did wrong, perhaps I didn't have very good security measures. The hackers deleted all the necessary files to run my website, all my scripts and folders...
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    Addon Domain Problem

    Dear Admins, I am having problem creating an add on domain on my hosting account, when I try to create the add on, I will get the following error... -There was a problem creating the parked domain. Show Details -Error from park wrapper: is owned by another user. I...