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    Resolved My web site is not accessible

    Hello, like some users, my site ( doesn't seem to work since the switch to the new servers. I can connect to "DirectAdmin" without any problem, but no info is available. Is there anything special I need to do to restore it? Thanks for your excellent work.
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    Mail reception problem

    Hello, everything worked great and I just realized that the last few months (September / October), some mails not reach me from the contact form. I do not receive emails with email addresses, and .fr, (but not indicated in the field "Mail :" form...
  3. V domain name expired

    Hello. I am trying to access to my website , and it appears this message: "This domain name expired on Dec 30 2013 11:08PM". Must we move our sites to another domain or is it going to be something provisional? Thank you.
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    403 forbidden

    Hello, Since this morning, when I try to access my site at, I receive a "403 Forbidden" notification. I checked the permissions of files and folders. One folder was 777 ... I corrected it in 755, but the problem persists. NB: ftp access OK, but I have a problem with the...
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    SMTP Error (-1): Failed to connect to server and error with mail() function....

    Hello, 1) I have this error ("SMTP Error (-1): Failed to connect to server") when I want send messages with Roundcube on the server Lotus. Sending / receiving messages doesn't work from Thunderbird. Do you have a solution at my problem? 2) I have one other error with mail() function ("Could...