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  1. naresh

    How to create a sitemap ?

    hello friends, I have heard about creating a sitemap and submitting it to search engine but my question is how to make that ? I have a site at and I want to create sitemap for it, Any help out there ?
  2. naresh

    Use of old Computer

    hello friends, recently I bought a new computer for myself but from that day I was thinking what to do with my old PC as I not want to throw it out, so do you have any idea how can I keep using it , actually I want to ask whether I can make a LAN connection using my newer PC ? or is it that easy...
  3. naresh

    Error establishing a database connection

    from some days my site shows this message : Error establishing a database connection can anyone plz help me out , where the problem is ?
  4. naresh

    Christmas 2007 Gift

    hello friends, Christmas is coming and the shopping days until then are fast disappearing.Now many of us would have a problem in finding something appropriate for our dear ones for Christmas, what are your plans for this CHRISTMAS ? Merry Christmas !
  5. naresh

    Visit my Site

    hello friends, have you noticed that sometime you have developed a good website or blog with great care and labor but due to lack of exposure its often get unnoticed thats why I started this thread for all those who want to show their blogs or website to others. you can do some simple things ...
  6. naresh

    Game you will love to play

    hello friends, most of us have played one or other games and some prefer educational games and others action and some prefer sports game but we always demand more of them and from these imaginations and demands developed X box and other gaming console from simple DOS games. So, lets share what...
  7. naresh

    Must have freeware

    dear friends, there are lots of freeware available on the net but most of us either not knows that its available there on net or there may be case that you want to share that with other friends then this is the forum to let people know which freewares are available on net that can be useful to...
  8. naresh

    Whats there on your Desktop ?

    Hello Friends, we all have our favourite programs shortcut on our respective destops which I think reflects much about individual so why not show off to the world whats there in our desktop by posting screenshot of your desktop screen, it will serve two purpose viz: it make people aware about...