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  1. hopeba99

    Wordpress http error

    Every time I try to upload an image to the wordpress media library I get an http error message. I have already ruled out the problem being wordpress. It has to be a permission error from my server. I don't know what else to do. I need to be able to upload images to wordpress. Can you please...
  2. hopeba99

    Unmetered Storage

    May I now have unmetered storage. I am definitely using more than 50% of my disk space, and it is not being used up with backups. My website is and
  3. hopeba99

    I need ulimited storage.

    I keep requesting unlimited storage and no one will give it to me. My account reaches all the requirements for unlimited storage. I really need it soon. Can someone help me.
  4. hopeba99

    May I have unmetered storage?

    May I please have unmetered storage now? I have more than half of my disk space used. My domain is or because the main domain links to another website. Thank you!!!
  5. hopeba99

    Can I get more disk space?

    Would it be possible to give my website more disk space? I'm not out of space now, but I know I will be running low in the future. Thank You so much for your assistance.
  6. hopeba99

    Help, Things not working

    My Cpanal file managers malfunctioned. It displays this message. "[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]" Also when I try to install something from Softcalculous, it displays this message. The following error occured: The INFO.XML file could not be...