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    Please Unsuspend

    Hi! My hosting account got suspended for this "Hacking material and unmitigated spam from users selling credit card details, zt permanent. The spam in question has been present since early april." I am unaware of what have happened in past 1 month..My laptop was out of order..and i was just...
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    Default web page site....

    Hi! when i visit my website it's showing default web page site.. But my subdomain is working fine, i flushed DNS cache, even tried from other PC but still that problem persists.. Please help.. Thanks
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    Please Unsuspend mey hosting account

    It's suspended due to high system resource usage. Please un-suspend me.. Thanks
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    What's triggering my suspension

    Hi! I don't know what it is, but it's the thing that is responsible for frequent suspension of my account. I investigated, but no success. It is just causing high system resource usage..after a period of 4 to 5 days and later i am getting suspended twice on a single day.. Please, can anyone...
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    Please Unsuspend | High Res. usg.

    Please unsuspend my hosting account. I am unable to unsuspend from main control panel.. Thanks..
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    Please unsuspend | high system resource usage |

    Please unsuspend my hosting account.. Thanks
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    Themes not installing

    Hi!! I am unable to install themes in wp by browsing through their resources... meaning i can't see anything over there... Server is boru, can you tell how to fiz this.. and also feeds stopped working, a plugin now can't check for ranking, etc.. Please help.. Thanks
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    cURL error: connect() timed out

    Hi! I don't know how but my plugin's log is full.. saying this error. This WP plugin which collects RSS feed from the website which we was working fine..but now it just stopped... Any idea whats wrong with this... ---------- Post added at 04:22 PM ---------- Previous post was at...
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    Website Not Loading | Please Help

    From past 2 days website is not loading properly, only the title loads and after that it got stuck. My diskspace is almost full, is this the reason.? Should i delete some content..? Server is boru. Thanks
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    Suspending within 20 Minutes

    Hi!. I don't know how this is happening.. Within 20 or sometimes 10 min of un-suspension my account gets suspended again for high system resource usage.. Please help.. Thanks in advance
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    Diskspace almost full

    Hi! My diskspace usage is almost full. Its 928 MB of 1024. However when i check disk space usage its showing 828 MB is using wordpress but when i enter in that directory its only around 50 to 60 MB. How this is it something like cache and all. Please help. Thanks
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    Site Loading But Blog...hooked

    Hi!! This is happening most of the time..i don't know the cause but frequently.. Its taking too long to load, blog is on same account..and its subdomain. I can see the title but there are no posts, its incomplete.. Please help me, please tell why this is happening.. Thanks In Advance
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    Blog not loading | Can't even Login

    Hi! I can't see my wordpress blog loading, its taking very very long time to display title, and that's the final thing i can see.. another thing is when the page loads i can't see any posts , its showing "No posts found Sorry, but you are looking for something that isn't here." Please...
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    Account suspension| High resource usage problem

    My account is frequently suspended due to high system resource usage.. Though i can un-suspend, but its happening every now and then.. I have SMF and recently installed Wordpress.... This is list of wordpress active plugins....i can't figure out which plugin is causing this heck... Please help...
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    Again Suspended....why.??

    My forum is again suspended...the reason.. i don't know. About a month ago, my account was suspended saying violating ToS, then as requested higher staff reviewed it and un-suspended.... Please help me....please tell what went wrong.. Thanks
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    ~ Cyber Wars ~ Its Time To Defend | Critiques Please....

    Hi!! I just finished out working on my forum and in need of some comments and help over developing it. Here is the link Hope you will like that, and if so do join... Comments and critiques are most appreciated.. Thanks
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    Please help | account suspended | no help

    My account got suspended about 3 days back... i opened a thread justifying the thing it gor escalated to staff.. ticket id ZEA-620743 Please help..anyone please check the matter.. Thanks...
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    Account Suspended Please Help | It Says Teaches Hacking

    My account is again suspended, here is message i got.. suspension Hacking how-to's - you may have intended for them to work to teach defense, but it also teaches how to hack. -livewire. Sorry livewire, but anywhere in the forum i haven't posted any stuff that will violate ToS of...
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    Please Help...move this to free hosting

    Sorry for opening this thread here, but i am unable to open thread or reply in free hosting. Though i am on boru server, my website loading correctly but its unable to connect to database...there is no database in my everything is fine,i can access other pages such as agreement...
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    My Database Deleted

    What the heck is this...? My efforts, hard work all are wiped off.. My forum running on Boru server, when i tried to access it just before 2 hours i got erroe message "Sorry, SMF was unable to connect to the database. This may be caused by the server being busy. Please try again later." so...