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  1. TonnyORG

    Do you speak spanish?

    Hello everyone! I just wanna know how much the spanish community grew up/down since my retired date. Do you speak spanish? rise your hand! :D Regards!
  2. TonnyORG

    Enable Tapatalk support

    Hello guys, I wanna suggest to enable Tapatalk support at forums. For those won't know, Tapatalk is a mobile app to easily manage forums from your smartphones. Regards!
  3. TonnyORG

    Hi everyone, I'm back!

    Maybe you can read this and say "Who the hell is him?", well you can remember me as "Punk, the guy who offered support to Spanish community a few years ago". Today I'm back after a few years away of this, the first community who received me, and I'm back with great experiences and knowledge to...
  4. TonnyORG

    Please review my site

    Hello, I've started a new site with a partner and I wanna know what do you think (suggestions comments, etc.): * Best Smartphone 2011 Thank you!
  5. TonnyORG

    Requesting Staff, Remunerated

    Requesting Staff I found someone, please mods close this thread.
  6. TonnyORG

    Could you review my site?

    Hello, I'm interested in offer a wiki about could computing and I've launched Cloud Computing Wiki. My new wiki about Cloud Computing and tech news. Could you review it please, give me some suggestions, comments, etc. Anything you think about it =) Thank you!
  7. TonnyORG

    Se busca Staff para NUEVO foro de marketing, seo y desarrollo web

    Buenas, Tras haberme iniciado seriamente en lo que es el blogueo, seo y ganancias con AsSense y otros programas, me veo interesado en formar una comunidad de marketing en español, donde todos como usuarios colaboramos para ayudarnos a subir nuestras ganancias día a día con AdSense a base de...
  8. TonnyORG

    [WTS] - Real Visitors Traffic, Adsense Safe, Target/Worldwide Traffic

    REAL VISITORS IN YOUR WEBSITE EARN REAL VISITS AND OPTIMIZE YOUR SITE $$$ ADSENSE SAFE $$$ REVIEW PACKAGES AVAILABLE STARTER PACKAGE 1,000 Unique Visits Worldwide: $2.50 United States: $4.50 Canada: $4.50 United Kingdom: $4.50 Australia: $4.50 North America: $4.50 South America...
  9. TonnyORG

    Review my site!

    Hello, I've released the first pages of my new portfolio skin. I'm skill working on "Projects" page, but the other pages are online and ready to visit. I hope you like my new skin: - I also want to let you know, I'm looking for new projects (designs/code) to add...
  10. TonnyORG

    Bonus $25 credits + $1 Credit per click, earn UNLIMITED

    Hello, As my previous offer has few interest for you, I've made a new one! The work is very simple, just join under my name in different PTC sites and click in the ads (most of sites have just 4 ads). I'm starting a site monitor so need to know as fast as possible if the sites are scam or...
  11. TonnyORG

    Staff Wanted! Earn UNLIMITED!

    Hello, I'm looking for active clickers for my new project so if you want to join, please read all the information in this post. General Information: The work is very simple, just join under my name in different PTC sites and click in the ads (most of sites have just 4 ads). I'm starting a...
  12. TonnyORG

    PTC Monitor!

    Hello, Please review my site, I'm open to new and modern ideas. The main concept of the site is just a simple and light site (database) to cover all the PTC sites online, feel free to ask, comment, recommend and visit us if you like. Our Website: designed by...
  13. TonnyORG

    PTC Monitor! Don't Waste your time in sites SCAM

    Hello, This is my new private project for x10Hosting's users, at long of this thread, you will see how we "as team" can keep far from the SCAMMERs online ;) My site is still beta, and you can be part of this, the site is: Feel free to visit and ask all questions you...
  14. TonnyORG

    Actualizaciones en Diciembre!

    Hola a todos! Feliz de mi regreso quiero iniciar con la traduccion de este tema en el foro principal de noticias (en ingles). salu2
  15. TonnyORG

    I'm back!

    Hello everyone! For those all that don't know me I'm ZharkD (known as Punk in the past), I was staff in the spanish forums until I left due personal stuff, I feel so good stay here once again with all you guys =) As you can see, I didn't practiced my English in my absence jeje. At the moment...
  16. TonnyORG

    JM & Gold Earn Just for Refer (Payment Proof)

    JM&GOLD REVIEW REFERRAL LINK: What is JM&Gold? It's an investments platform where you can earn money by purchasing gold and silver bars and getting a monthly income for life. The more bars you have, the more you will earn per month. How can I get...
  17. TonnyORG

    Earn $0.10 just for Join! PP[Total Paid: $0.30]

    Hello, I'm paying just for register under me on one site: ----- After join only ad your nick/username posting here and I'll confirm you as soon as possible. Slots Available: 0 OFFER CLOSED PP Offer: $0.10 instantly after I confim that you're registered under me. * No apply for indian people...
  18. TonnyORG

    DevBux Payment Proof

    DEV.COM REVIEW REFERRAL LINK: Basic Information: (Standard Membership) * Own Click: $00.01 * Referral Click: $00.005 * Payout Methods: AlertPay/PayPal * Minimum Payout: $05.00 * Payout Time: 14 Days (I've recived it in my second day)...
  19. TonnyORG

    Earn $0.20 for join under me on :)

    Hello, I'll pay you $0.20 in your paypal to the first 10 persons that join under me on, the rest of the people just earn $0.10 * People from india can't join because I can't pay them by PP. To join please fill the form here...
  20. TonnyORG

    [Oferta] Earn Money Cheats

    OFERTA DE REFERIDOS Tabla de Referidos Beneficios: Podras ganar un porcentaje de tus ganancias o bien algunos creditos segun sea tu eleccion. Dudas, Comentarios y Sugerencias: Para cualquier duda, comentario o aclaracion, por favor da reply a este tema de manera limpia y...