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  1. Zdroyd

    Domain Name Still not working...

    I created a Co.CC domain ( and followed the tutorial in on this forum to assign it to my site, but it is not working. I followed all instructions including setting up the "" on my account panel and assigning "zdroyd.x10hosting" as the NS1 on website. I also...
  2. Zdroyd

    Secure Text - Copy Proof Text

    Is it possible to set a group of text, or an Iframe, so that the user can Not copy it? I plan to place my short stories on my site, and I do not want people copy and pasting it to redistribute. I know it is possible to make it a jpeg image, but that would waist too much memory. Is it...
  3. Zdroyd

    Halo and RTS fans UNITE!

    By now you most likely know Exactly what Halo Wars is so I will get to the point: Please visit the following site and sign the Petition: To keep this topic going: What does everyone think about Ensemble Studios not putting Halo Wars on the...
  4. Zdroyd

    DirectX, OpenGL or SDL?

    Which of the following should I use for my game development? DirectX: OpenGL: SDL: Other?: (LOL) Before now I have used GDKs for my...
  5. Zdroyd

    Site Builder Problems?

    I just used the Site Builder provided on CPanel and this is what I got: What is wrong. All I am seeing is random numbers and letters... Please Help, Thank you ahead of time.
  6. Zdroyd

    Safe and Free File Host

    Does anyone know a good Safe and Free file host where I can store my computer back ups? Many have told me that using the Gmail Storage is a good way, but I was wondering if anyone knew a better (preferably bigger) storage site. Thank you ahead of time.
  7. Zdroyd

    Custom Image Borders with CSS?

    Is it possible to use CSS to make a custom boarder that uses an image file for the line? And can this also be used to make rounded corners? Thank you ahead of time...
  8. Zdroyd

    The Ultimate Star Wars Book - Please Help...

    About two years ago I rented a book from the library. The book was a full history book of the Star Wars Universe. I have been trying to find the book, but I can not... All I know is that the book covered EVERYTHING from the begining of "time" to the end of the Star Wars Universe (way after...
  9. Zdroyd

    404 - Not Found - Error

    When attempting to access my site ( I get a "404" error. When I try to access my acount on I get the following: "An Error Has Occurred Although you've logged in successfully, there was an error retrieving your account's hosting type from the backend system...
  10. Zdroyd

    Visual Basic... OOP!!

    It seems (because of my lack of contact with the internet) that last year Microsoft made Visual Basic (the once sadest programming language) Object Oriented! This meens that games can now be even easlier made with Visual Basic!! This is an outrage! Visual Basic is trying to compete with the...
  11. Zdroyd

    How To Project

    In my Information Tech class I have been given a project to make an How To video. But I am having an brain fart on what to do... I have a lot of ideas but they are all boring. Could everyone give me some ideas. I want to make one that is funny and interesting so I can't have any boring ideas...
  12. Zdroyd

    Virtual OS on Flash Drive?!

    I will get right to the point: Does anyone know a good FREE virtual OS program that I can put on and run off of my flash drive? In other words I want to be able to plug my drive in and make a window popup that has another desktop within it. I was also wondering if anyone knows any...
  13. Zdroyd

    Online Encyclopedias

    The above quote was something I wrote for an debate we had in class today; I would like everyones responses. Also everyone check out Uncyclopedia Every page will make you laugh! Searches I found funny: God Atheism High School Russian Reversal WWIII (This is funny, they have the war all...
  14. Zdroyd

    Better than Google? Check it out! The part I like the most is that you can search for downloadable music LEGALY! I downloaded the following LEGALY!: Guns and Roses - Welcome to the Jungle ACDC - Thunderstruck Some day alltheweb will beat Google!
  15. Zdroyd

    Don't block me!

    *I did not know where to post this... sorry if its in the wrong spot...* I just realized something: How will I prevent my school (and my future schools) from blocking my site because it is about games!? If my site becomes blocked by my school I will have a very hard time updating it...
  16. Zdroyd

    Time Peaces

    I got a really nice antique Watch thee other day and I was wondering... What is everyones favorate type of wrist Watch? (In order of age.) >Old Analog Wind Up Watch >Batery Analog Watch >Digital Watch >Touch Screen Digital Watch Which Watch do you prefer and why?
  17. Zdroyd

    Rating System (Java or HTML)

    Could anyone tell me how to make a rating system script for my site? I need a way for people to rate my games and other projects. Like this: But I need a script only. (I can not download files at school, so I need it to be written out please.)
  18. Zdroyd

    "We will never forget"

    Today marks the anniversary of the bombing of the twin towers in New York, the bombing of the Pentagon, and the crash in Pennsylvania. Do you remember where you were when it happened? Specifically remember the moment, where you were exactly, who you were with? It has been said that your...
  19. Zdroyd

    Gamers in the Army

    That is just awsome: What do you guys think? Now all they need to do is use the WII controler and our Army might actualy get a work out!
  20. Zdroyd

    Site is down... and wants me to relink username...

    I have been gone (from the internet) all summer, and when I came back my site was down... In order to fix it I logged on to my x10hosting Account and it asked me to "LINK ACCOUNT" I typed in my User name and all I get is an error. "An Error Has Occurred The hosting username you specified...